Nov 2, 2007

happy halloween

of course being a crafter, means that every year i make my halloween costume (and one for my hubby too!). check out this year's costumes. we were tracey and edna turnblad from the awesome summer movie "hairspray"!

i copied the costumes from the "welcome to the 60s" song that edna and tracey sing together. thankfully my husband is a great sport and is ready to go with whatever costume i have planned. i didn't think he'd want to be edna, but he loved it. (Please note that he will only be associated with the original edna, divine, or the broadway versions, including harvey firestein. he is not meant to be john travolta!)

here's a closer look at edna. she has a lovely pink glitter satin dress (you can't see the glitter that well in the pictures) with cuffs on the sleeves. she also has a pink glitter satin belt, headband, and what would a designed by Diana creation be without a matching bag! we used my mom's vintage (circa mid-1970s) wig and some home-made fake boobs to finish the look. and of course, a little pink makeup to get edna looking all fabulous!

now a closer look at tracey (that's me!). i wore this cute little sleeveless dress made in the same pink glitter satin. i also had a matching headband and bag. i really liked the pattern i used for this dress and am going to make myself a dress in another fabric so i can wear it normally. i usually don't wear pink, but since it was halloween and i was channeling tracey turnblad, it was allowed. thanks to tropical storm noel it was all rainy and windy and humid on halloween night, so my hair was not agreeing with the weather. it behaved as well as it could under the circumstances. i just don't know how they did it in the 60s. i spent all night getting tangles and hairspray out of my hair when i got home!

well needless to say, everyone loved our costumes. we were a hit! i've already started planning for next year, and it's going to be even better! happy halloween to all you ghosts and ghouls!

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