Nov 2, 2008

G is for Ghosts & Ghouls

... on Halloween of course! But we did not have scary costumes this year.

As usual, I made Rubs and my Halloween costumes. We had thought of a costume idea months ago, and this year we actually remembered it when Halloween neared. So what was our costume idea? Well Rubs LOVES Futurama, so he wanted to be Zapp Brannigan, the space captian and creator of "Brannigan's Law" and I figured, Leela, the cyclops that is the object of Zapp's affection, would be a great companion for Zapp. So here we are!

For those of you that aren't fans, here are pics of Zapp & Leela:

And here is my interpretation of the costumes on us:

Rubs's costume was the more complicated one. He wanted people to talk about his costume for years to come, so I knew it had to be prefect. And I'm pretty darn proud of it! I made the dress, which I altered from a Lord of the Rings Legolas pattern. It was made in cotton, for coolness, since we are in Miami. The belt, gloves and boot covers were all made of felt. We couldn't find a man's blond wig, so we bought the Carol Brady wig from Party City and cut off the flip in the back. Rubs wasn't wearing shorts under his super-mini dress, but rest assured he had undies on. For those who actually knew who he was, it was awesome. For those that didn't know the character, they just got a kick out of Rubs in a mini dress.
My costume was super easy. Black pants, a white tank top and a purple wig. I made my boot covers from felt and my cuff was cotton. My cyclops eye was the tricky part, but a bit of felt, some cardstock for sturdiness and some pipe cleaner eyelashes and it was set!
So how do we look? Though we didn't win any prizes at the Halloween party, we sure had fun. Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

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