Mar 12, 2007

things to do this week...

so i have a new machine (pics coming later tonight). but let me tell you bout my old machine. i took it to pop on saturday. when i went over on sunday, he told me he was able to bring the needle down to catch the bobbin thread. that was great! but it wouldn't sew. the stitches weren't staying together. oh well....

well the new machine is gonna get a workout tonight. i have a little something to make for my little bro, angel, that he ordered. i will post that later this week. i also have a makeup bag to do for a girl here at the office (that's not due til friday), and a pair of jeans to hem for someone else here at the office.

then i have a maggie bag that i want to make and post tonight. and i also have a marcy, and a hayley to do... so i have my work cut out for me this week.

i figured that posting this for all to see would get my butt in gear and ready to work tonight. (and heroes is not on tonight, so i don't have that to distract me).... LOL

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