Feb 7, 2016

January Mileage Report

This year one of my goals is to run 500 miles.  I'm usually good about getting in my long runs, but I want to get in some quick runs during the week too. I think this will help my speed. Here are my mileage total from the last few years (I think 2013 is a little incomplete, since it's the year I started running).

2015 - 344.42
2014 - 347
2013 - 255.8

Now, I don't think this goal is too nuts, considering all of the races I have coming up, and I'm sure I'll have some at the end of the year too. And now, my monthly update for January.

I only got in 5 runs this month, but managed to get in 21. 5 miles. The month included my first training run in the middle of a thunderstorm (see my lovely soaking wet look above), running in about 40 degree weather one morning (and bundling up like a crazy person to do it) and some IT band pain (which thankfully has gone away). A little crazy, but overall not too shabby a start to the new year. I have my first races of the new year coming up in February, so mileage will be increasing in the next few months.

Now, I'm not putting it out here to brag, but I do want some where to keep me to my goal. I'm ready to do this. Got lots of running clothes and shoes to keep me going!

Dec 28, 2015

Mom's First Race

I really wanted to do a Christmas race, and found the Jingle Bell Jog in my race search after the Wine & Dine half half marathon/let down. I found this race, and figured it'd be the perfect place to wear my Christmas ProCompression socks. I registered, and then mentioned it to Mom. It was close to home, and you got a medal! Mom was in, so we registered and waited.

Then it was race day, we had gone to get our bibs and santa suits the day before. It was a little cool, but definitely windy that day. Mom had gotten us cute Santa shirts but we opted to wear our santa suit jackets too.

And not to be outdone, the all out queen of Christmas socks, Mom, wore some cute Santa ones for the race.

The race was a sea full of Santas on the windy morning. It was kind of overcast too, so that didn't warm us up any. And then we were off for our 5k around Tropical Park.

This race takes pretty much the same course that the Turkey Day 5k does, so I knew what we were in for. We had to get a selfie in front of Santa's Enchanted Forest. It is Christmas after all.

Mom and I walked the whole thing, and even though she had a slight shoe issue, we made it. Before we knew it we were at the stadium making the final lap to reach the finish line. And Mom got her first bling!

And I can't be left out of the bling selfie game!

When we got back to my car, the battery was dead, so it turned out to be an adventure after that, but Pop came and jumped me and we grabbed some breakfast.

This was a fun little race and a great chance to get in the Christmas spirit! And seeing people run in costume is always so much fun.

Nov 30, 2015

Turkey Day 10k Recap & Thanksgiving too

I signed up for the Turkey Day 10k again this year. And after Wine & Dine being half a race, I was happy to get an actual full race in.

Now, it hadn't been cooling off at ALL in Miami this "fall," so I was checking the weather like crazy praying for a little coolness to come through. Well, it was gonna be about 70ish, which is much better than 80, so I took it. I got my turkey shirt from Raw Threads and was ready to get my run on.

I woke up and got my outfit on and was ready to head to Tropical Park. I like this race, cause Tropical Park is down the street from my house (about 1 1/2 miles) and it's usually where I go for my long runs, so it's familiar turf. It was still dark, and when I stepped outside I noticed it... the rain.

Another race, another set of weather conditions to deal with. I got to the park, you have to enter through the other side for the race, and they were directing us to the parking. I got to park way out in the grass, and it was still raining. I sat in my car, slightly freaking out, thinking if I should call my mom to bring my poncho out to the park or not. I decided that she wouldn't even be able to get to me to be able to give me the poncho, so I decided to tough it out. I waited in the car as long as possible, then at about 7 I headed out to trek through the rain and huge puddles to the start line.

Eventually, I made it to the start line, where a bunch of other drenched runners were waiting. There were a lot of umbrellas and ponchos, but also a lot of people just getting wet. A bunch of us were waiting under a tree, which kind of lessened the rain a bit. Then it let up slightly, so I headed towards the start line. And then it started again. This time it was "big ol' fat rain" as Forrest Gump would say. Yeah, I think there was a collective groan at that point.

I am so thankful that I was wearing my visor, cause it kept the rain out of my face. It's the little things... That, and I'm thankful I was wearing black, so you couldn't actually see how wet I was.

Then about 10 minutes late (this race always seems to start a little late, I guess it runs on Miami time?), we were off.

At this point it was still raining, a little less than half a mile in we had to run around this enormous puddle that had formed right in the race path. I just kept telling myself that at the split for the 5k and the 10k, I'd just go and finish the 5k. At least I'd have gotten in some exercise and worked off my pie later. By the time we got to the front of Santa's Enchanted forest (right before the start of mile 2) it had stopped raining a bit, and I thought maybe I could do the 10k. But then the rain started again, and my feet were soaked from the puddles, and I was like forget that idea.

Soon enough the 5k/10k split was right in front of me. The majority of the people were heading to the 5k finish, and I saw a fewer amount of people heading to the 10k. My shoes were soaked, but I said screw it, I paid for a 10k, I'm getting my full 10k. I went right for the 10k and ran around another ginormous puddle and through a patch of nasty mud. Now I had squishy muddy shoes, but it was all good.

By this point the rain had stopped. Finally! The 10k ends up going to the end of the park that I usually enter on, so it was familiar territory for me. Last year after mile 4, it was really hard for me to keep going, so I was dreading that again. But after mile 4, I felt great still and mile 5 was great too. I blame all of this on the other workouts I'm doing for this (I'm in the middle of T25 <--my coach link right now). Different workouts totally build up that endurance.

Before I knew it I was headed back towards the track and the finish line. Now as I saw the clock right before the finish line, I saw it read about 01:19:something. I was kinda confused, cause I knew that this would make it a PR for me. WHAT?! How could that happen with rain and running around all those puddles?

I was totally shocked by the numbers on the clock, but didn't buy it. I went through and took my post race pic (and can I say YAY for free race pics!), and went to grab some water and food.

After waiting in the long line, I was glad to see there was plenty of food. I grabbed some harvest snaps (I love those things) and a banana and walked around a bit before heading to my car. Once I got there, I scanned the code on my bib to get my official finish time, and it was right there in front of me, a PR by about 3 minutes, 01:17:26!

I went home and after getting out of those wet clothes, I grabbed some breakfast, watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and grabbed a little nap. And before I knew it, it was time for a delicious thanksgiving dinner.

It was a great day that started with a PR and ended with pie. I had a new PR and a very full belly full of Mom's yummy cooking. That's definitely something to be thankful for.

Nov 20, 2015

Wine & Dine 2015: The Half Half Marathon

So we left off with us walking back to the corrals after finding out the race would be cut short....

The national anthem was being sung and we were still walking to our corrals. Finally we got into our corral, corral H, our best corral seeding yet! Eventually the other corrals went out, then it was our turn. We were off for a 6ish mile course. We knew they cut out Animal Kingdom, which meant that Jack Sparrow was gone. He's usually in the parking lot when you come out of Animal Kingdom, so we knew that part of our goal was not gonna happen.

We went right from Osceola parkway to the terrible banked on ramp to Hollywood Studios. This is usually mile 8, but hitting this so early sucked, since I wasn't even warm yet. But I drank extra water and we took it pretty easy. Since the course was shortened, and I don't think everyone got a chance to get into the right corral, it was very crowded. And the part of the course that was left was the narrow part. 

There weren't many characters out on the shortened course. The Country Bears were up first, before mile 1, then some fairies (not Tink's friends, just random ones). At the on ramp there were the Toy Soldiers, which are a fave of mine. We kept running, and saw that Lilo and Stitch weren't at their meet and greet area, but they had a huge line waiting for them. Then we got to Hollywood Studios. This is what I wanted, the lights! We ran by the Tower of Terror, and decided to take a pic, since we didn't have any pics yet.

Then we headed up Hollywood Boulevard--without the hat!, and towards Pixar Place. Buzz and Woody were there, but their line was pretty long, and we had pics with them already. We headed to the backlot, and through the disco tunnel. It was all disco-y as usual, but inside the windows, where the costumes are usually being made was empty. It was just storage. A sign of things changing at Hollywood Studios, kinda made me sad.

But then we were there, the Osbourne Family Spectacle of Lights! It's the last year of this at Hollywood Studios, so it was great to run through them. We stopped to take pics here, we had to. Everyone was taking pics here like crazy.

Now we headed around the back of Hollywood Studios, and I mentioned to Kris, I think they don't have as many lights out as usual. I know this is a night race, but it was dark out there. I feel like in years past (even in the pouring rain last year) there were a few more lights. Sometimes as we'd run past the street lights would just turn off. Were they expecting the race to be done with by now? It kinda sucked. Thankfully, everyone stayed safe as far as I could see.

We came out of the Studios, and I took a pic of my fave mile, 11. When we passed this mile marker out first year, it was the farthest Kris and I had ever run in our lives... nostalgia factor. Now we knew then next part of the course would be extra hard with so many people jammed together. This area, getting to the Boardwalk, is always notoriously narrow, and with all extra people together, since the course didn't have time to thin out, made this a long walk section for us. No sense in fighting to run, especially when it was a weird distance anyways.

We made it through the Boardwalk and into the back of Epcot. We were almost at the end... Meanwhile, it was very weird to still feel so good at this point on the course, which is usually the part where you are just so done. Before I knew it Spaceship Earth was in front of me and the finish line was so close. They didn't have a laser tunnel to get to the finish line (don't know if they scrapped it with the lightning threat). As we hit the straightaway to the finish, Kris and I ran the whole way. It was about .25 miles, if not a little longer. (Don't think I've ever run for that long in a race without stopping.)

And with that we finished! It felt more like a big group training run than a race, but it was finished. We grabbed our medals and food and headed to the wine and beer distribution. Now this part was definitely improved from last year. It took a while to get there, but there was plenty of wine left! (Last year when we got there there was only beer left... ew)

I had my wine, I had my bag, and I was ready to after party. If I didn't get a whole race, I sure as hell was gonna get a whole after party.

As we walked into Epcot, we were able to see the last runner finishing up the race. It was awesome to see that. Then we got to the countries and decided to get some food and drinks. We ate and had some drinks, and then decided that we needed to get our character meeting on.

Gotta say they brought out some rarely seen people. First we saw Bert from Mary Poppins in England. His accent was better than Dick Van Dyke's! LOL! Then Remy and Emile from Ratatouille. Jasmine and Aladdin, Pinocchio and Gepeto, and finally, Snow White and Dopey!

Then we headed to see Mulan and Mushu in China, but it was 3:45am and they said she wasn't taking any more pictures. So we headed out of Epcot and back to the buses. It was late, and though the race didn't tire me out, the walking around and being up til 5am did. But we got to the hotel, I got another shower and passed out.

It was such a disappointment to have the first race of the season be such a let down. I don't have another half marathon on the schedule until March, but then I have one in April and another in May. And there are a few other races before then too. I had such different expectations for this race, but I guess, just like life, things change sometimes and throw you for a loop. So here's to the rest of the races I have on the books for now. It's gonna be a packed 2016!

Nov 19, 2015

Wine & Dine 2015: Expo and Kids Races

It was a very strange race weekend, but let's start at the beginning.

I drove up to Orlando on Friday, scooped up Kris from her office and we headed to the expo. I think this was the earliest we'd ever been to the expo (at about 3pm), and it wasn't crowded, so we were able to shop and chat with people without being rushed.

We did some serious expo damage... we grabbed our "I Did It!" shirts, headbands, compression sleeves, and I got me a sparkle skirt. I also picked up my turkey shirt from Raw Threads, so I'm ready for my Turkey Day 10k. I love the expo. I think it's one of the funnest parts of a race weekend. And we also met Jeff Galloway! You may know him as the run/walk guy.

We grabbed some dinner and then headed back to Kris's house to hang with the family and get our morning runners, the kids, ready for their races.

The next morning we got ready for a hot day, very hot for Florida in November, but our little runners were amped to go. V asked me to run with her, so I was ready to get that mile under my belt. X was gonna run with Eddie. We got running Princess Sophia (with her Aunt Diana crafted skirt) and running Batman ready and headed out. We got there a bit early, so we headed into the expo. The kiddos grabbed some snacks, and we walked to the field to wait for the Kids Mile to start. Last time we did a RunDisney race with the kids, they said the sprints were too short for them, they are used to doing 5ks after all. So this time they were in the Kids Mile. They were even timed, so cool.

We waited around in the heat (and boy it was HOT) for the mile to start at 10:45am. It was really humid and the blaring sun was not helping. The kids were antsy to get started, and then we finally did. 

V grabbed my hand and started off, but I told her to let go and run fast, so she did. She was awesome. She took some walk breaks, and when we got to the 1/4 mile mark, she asked me when we were done. I told her we gotta keep going, there's water, granola bars, and bananas at the end. This totally amped her up and we kept going. This part of the course was also a little shady, so that might have helped too. We finally got to the track, the last part of the course, and we saw Santa Goofy at the end! We passed Grandpa and Kris (V asked me how they got to the end so fast, LOL) then before we knew it, we crossed the finish line!

V got her medal, and we saw X, who chose to run with his dad, Ed. They were so hot, but the race was done!

After the race, we grabbed some lunch, and Kris and I headed to the hotel for our pre-race rest and nap. We were beat. Between being up early and the sun at the races, we were just done. I grabbed a shower since I was gross from running that mile, I KT taped us up and the nap was on. We had read about what happened at the Rock n' Roll Savannah race earlier that day due to the heat, and were a little concerned, but being Floridians, I thought the heat wouldn't affect us too bad. I made a mental note to drink more water (and even some Powerade) on the course to make sure I didn't dehydrate.

Soon enough the alarms went off and we started getting suited up for the race. Our hair was braided, and Anna and Elsa were ready. We walked out to the buses with Eddie, who met us up and would be waiting for us to finish to join us at the after party. 

Now our goal for this race was simple, be fast enough to have time to wait for a picture with Capt. Jack Sparrow and still avoid the balloon ladies, then try to make it into the after party and see more characters. Oh and eat and drink!

We went to bag check where I dropped off my stuff, a dry shirt, my ShowerPill (*I'm a ShowerPill Ambassador), and some walking sneakers. Then, we headed closer to the runner area before heading into the runner area. We also met up with a friend of mine from work (also named Diana) and she waited with us. 

Soon enough we said bye to Eddie and headed to the port-a-potty lines in the runner only area. As we waited, and scoped people's costumes--which is one of my fave parts of a Disney race, a guy came by with a megaphone. He was saying that there was lightning in the area and they were gonna get everyone indoors. Now, we were almost at the front of the line for the port-a-pottys, so we waited to go. 

After we used the facilities, we headed to the Wide World of Sports. Now, I noticed that it got slightly cooler and a little breeze came through, so I thought rain was coming, but that never did. First we sat outside. Then we were told we had to go indoors, so we headed inside the HP Field House.

When we got inside, it looked like a hurricane evacuation site, only with better costumes. Everyone was super bummed since it was almost 10 and the first corrals should be starting at that time. They kept announcing on the speakers that as soon as they had clearance we would start. But we waited, and waited... And I still didn't hear or see any lightning (I came to find out later that there was some in the area.). I had run this race, the infamous "Splash and Dash" Wine & Dine Half, the year before, where I ran for 13.1 miles in the cold, cold rain. So a little humidity was NBD for me. But I know people were freaked out after there had been a death in Savannah earlier that day, and the lightning that was in our area too.

At about 10:30ish we finally got the all clear, and now 15,000 runners plus spectators had to get out of these buildings and back to the staging area and corrals. As we trudged out of the Wide World of Sports to the fields where the corrals were, we heard that the course had been cut. That we'd only get to run a 10k. A 10k?! I trained for 13.1 miles, I ran 11 miles by myself on purpose. Kris and I looked at each other and we were pissed, not gonna lie. I never, ever thought I'd be mad NOT to run 13.1 miles.

And... the rest of the story tomorrow!

Oct 7, 2015

I'm a Cize Instructor!

I took a HUGE leap of faith last weekend and did my Cize Instructor Training.

Never, ever did I even imagine ever teaching a group fitness class, but my coach mentioned that there was a training happening in Miami, and it was being done by Tania "The Machine" from the Insanity and T25 videos! And for real, I couldn't not meet Tania.

As luck would have it, of course, I got a cold the week of the training. I was planning on doing some extra Cize workouts to get ready for my training, but that was not in the cards. By Friday, I was able to get in a workout, and then Saturday was my training.

Tania was so nice and greeted me with a hug. We were all cramped into a little dance studio, but we made it work. The day started out with a master class by Tania, which was a huge, sweaty, fun dance party!

Then we got into the nitty-gritty of breaking down the class and how to teach it. It was so hot inside, that we did one of the last parts of the class outside. You know it's hot inside when a slight Miami breeze is refreshing.

Before we were done for the day though, we Cized it up! one more time. It was such a blast and the energy was so great.

So I'll be practicing and hopefully soon, will be sharing the fun that is Cize with others in the Miami area. EEK! I'm still kinda in shock about it, but it's so cool.

Aug 30, 2015

Weekly Workouts 8.24.15 - 8.30.15

It was my last week of 21 Day Fix Extreme. The workouts were still hard, but at least I wasn't as sore as I was in the first weeks.

Monday, 8.24.15: 21 Day Fix Extreme Plyo Fix Extreme

Tuesday, 8.25.15: 21 Day Fix Extreme Upper Fix Extreme

Wednesday, 8.26.15: 21 Day Fix Extreme Pilates Fix Extreme

Thursday, 8.27.15: 21 Day Fix Extreme Lower Fix Extreme

Friday, 8.28.15: 21 Day Fix Extreme Cardio Fix Extreme

Saturday, 8.29.15: 21 Day Fix Extreme Dirty 30 Extreme

Sunday, 8.30.15: Cize Crazy 8's and 21 Day Fix Extreme Yoga Fix Extreme

So the remnants of Tropical Storm Erika have done a lovely number on the weather today. It was thundering all night, and when I went to get up for my long run at 5am, the thunder was almost non-stop and the rain started up again. Then I tried to go out at about 3pm. As soon as I got down the block, another storm started and drenched me. So I came back home and Cize-d to burn off that energy. Hopefully I can get in some miles tomorrow.

I also finished the 21 Day Fix Extreme! I'm gonna review the program here this week. I really liked the program and want to see what my results are, so I can share with all of you.