Aug 19, 2014

Makeup Brush Roll Tutorial

I got a special reuqest from a friend recently to make her a makeup brush roll. Like so many of us, she does her makeup on the go, but wanted a good way to carry around all of her brushes. I was more than happy to whip up this simple project.

Here is how you can make your own makeup brush roll. This is a pretty easy project, and would be great for a beginning sewer--only straight lines here.

First here is what you will need for this project:
1 9" x 15" piece of fabric
1 9" x 15" piece of interfacing (optional)
1 9" x 15" piece of lining fabric
1 10" x 15" piece of fabric for the pocket
18"-20" piece of ribbon or bias tape 
Sewing machine (can also be hand sewn)
(The fabric can be different sizes to work for whatever you need.)

Take the pocket piece, fold it in half lengthwise, and iron it. Then top stitch the pocket along the fold line. Pin the pocket to the lining fabric, and sew along the sides and bottom of both pieces. Use a scant 1/8" seam (this will insure that this line of sewing will be hidden once it is finished).

Now it's time to mark your pockets. You can customize these pockets to what ever size you need. I made a few 1 1/2" pockets, and then varied the sizes (from 3/4" to 1") to be able to accommodate a variety of brush sizes. I marked them with a pencil to be able to see it on my fabric.

Sew the pocket markings from the bottom to the top. This will ensure that you don't have any bubbles or puckering at the bottom of the pockets. Remember to back stitch at the top to reinforce those pockets.

Next take your ribbon or bias, fold it in half and sew along one side of your lining/pocket piece. Sew it so the tie lies on the inside of the fabric.

Now with the right sides together, place the exterior fabric on top of your lining/pocket piece. Sew along the sides and bottom of the roll.  Then sew along the top, leaving an opening for turning.

Turn out the pouch and iron it. Iron in the seam allowance for the opening. This will make it easier to top stitch. Now, top stitch (stitch very close to the outer edge of the pouch), starting at one of the sides. When you get to the opening, top stitch which will close the roll completely.

Now it's all ready to tote your favorite makeup brushes. I like to keep my liners and mascaras in the roll too.

You can also adapt this to make a crayon or pencil roll, perfect for back-to-school.

Aug 15, 2014

Pokemon Cake

Mom and I are getting better at this whole cake decorating thing. This cake only took us a few hours (some others have kept us up all night!)

Our friend's son is all about Pokemon and Pikachu right now, so we made him a Pikachu cake! It's a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. The real fun was the decorating. We traced a Pokemon, colored him with edible markers and put him on the cake.

Can I tell you how awesome the edible markers are? It made it so easy to give Pikachu his face. I don't know why I hadn't bought them before.

Another cake in the done column. Each cake we make has a new set of challenges and a new technique or two to try out. This one was definitely fun, especially since I got to color.

If you could get a cake with a character on it, who would you pick?

Aug 8, 2014

My fitness journey

I've decided to start including one of my passions a little more here on the blog, fitness.

As you've seen in past posts, I've been running some races, but along with that I also love to lift weights and tackle some strength training too. Now, I was never an athlete in school. I was the one to ask if I could help the PE teacher to sort her paper work to avoid doing the exercise sduring PE class. I was a couch potato.

But about 5 years ago, I decided to try a fitness class. My first class was bellydancing for fitness through the local community college. I liked the class, but lacked that hip coordination. Then, I found Zumba, and I was hooked. I Zumba-ed my booty off. I sweated, willingly for the first time, and loved that Zumba just felt like straight up fun.

I wanted to up my game and found an awesome trainer that offered a circuit training class. She showed me that I could tackle those weights. And they made me feel strong and powerful. Eventually, I signed up for my first 5k with my best friend Kris. My friend, Melissa, has been running for a while, and kept trying to talk me into it, but I didn't think I could. After that race, I talked her ear off and tried to get tips and started running... Eventually, it didn't feel like I was dying the whole time I was running. I did that first 5k. Then out of nowhere, I signed up for my first half marathon. I did another 5k, a 10k, and then the half. It was so awesome knowing that I could do those things and finish without dying!

Now, I can say I'm a fitness junkie. I try to get moving at least 3 times a week (and more when I can). I have 5 races coming up in the fall and winter (eek!), and I'm working up my mileage again to half marathon status. People think I totally LOVE working out all the time. But in reality, it's hard. Sometimes a LOT of convincing happens before I get up to do my long runs on the weekend. But, I motivate myself with cute workout outfits or new fitness gadgets (total motivation to get out there some days). And I know that once I'm done with a workout, be it cardio, a run, or strength training, I feel great. I feel accomplished and bad-ass. I know I'm stronger than the day before, and I know that every time I'm out there I'm doing things that I never thought were possible for me.

Along with all this fitness stuff, I started eating healthier too. I now eat vegetables, which if you knew me before, were almost non-exisitent in my diet. The food goes hand in hand with the working out. But let's be serious, I am human, so some days you just gotta indulge with a burger or cupcake!

And I want to share my craziness for health and fitness with all of you. My life is not all sewing and cupcakes, there are lots of runs and cute workout tops and healthy recipes and all sorts of other things in there too. So you'll be seeing these posts alongside all my making of things, and I hope you like being part of my journey.

Is anyone else on the fitness kick? How did you get started on your fitness jourey?

Aug 1, 2014

Friday faves

I'm back with my faves from all over the internet this week. So check out what I found:

via tuts+
This Totes Awesome tote is totes adorb!

picture from The Felted Fox
This DIY wrap crop top has me so intrigued... one day I may even get the guts to wear something like this.

picture from Seeded at the Table
I'm a little obsessed with brunch right now, and these bacon, egg & cheese roll-ups would be a great addition to any breakfast or brunch.

picture from Lil' Luna
I'm always looking for new handmade gift ideas, and this list of 20 inexpensive birthday gift ideas is perfect.

picture from Create & Thrive
Useful info for anyone wanting to have a successful online craft business.

And the trailer to Into the Woods!

Jul 30, 2014

Sharpie mug

The sharpie mug is a craft that's been rolling around the internet for a while, but I had never given it a try. I needed a new mug for the new office, so I figured it was a perfect time to make my own sharpie mug.

I got this mug at Dollar Tree, for, you guessed it, a $1. Can't beat that. I already had sharpies at home, so all I had to do was come up with a design. Deciding what to draw was the hardest part for me.

Luckily, even though it is sharpie, you can erase. (Thank God for that!) I drew in pencil, then wiped off. Then I finally went over something in sharpie and didn't like how it came out. Just use a little rubbing alcohol and your sharpie will wipe right off of the ceramic.

I finally decided on the "drink me" tag with some little accent dots. Then I added some dots along the bottom of the mug too.

The other two sides were too empty, so I added a little dotted heart on one side.

And on the last side, a little dotted D, cause I had to initial it.

And some dots along the handle too.

After all the designs were done, I baked my mug at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. I made sure to let it cool completely before using or washing it. It's best to hand-wash your mug to not mess up your design.

This was such a fun, easy project. It's not my usual craft, since I got to draw (which is not my strong point), but I liked making it. It would make a great gift for any occasion and would be good to try with kids.

Have you ever made a sharpie mug?

Jul 21, 2014


Reading: Right now, I'm reading "Good in Bed." I was thinking I would really like it, but I'm not. The main character is unrelatable to me and whiny. I'm trudging through it, I thought it would just be some light breezy chic lit, but oh well. I'll take any recommendations.

Looking forward to: A mini-vacation I have coming up. I can't wait to make the little get-away and explore a new city.

Obsessing over: My new FitBit. I'm loving tracking my steps (and I have to say seeing it shoot up on run days!), and seeing how active I am. And I am walking a bit more to get more steps in each day.

Working on: Getting used to my new job. I got a new job about a month ago, and I'm busy learning and getting used to the ropes of it all. But it's been a great learning experience already. I can't wait to soak up even more info.

Wishing: That I could go back to Europe like tomorrow! I just saw Damaris's pictures from her Europe trip, and I can't wait to go back.

Making me happy: hanging with the girls (both in O-town and the 305), mimosas, signing up for races, sunny days, phone calls,

Jun 20, 2014

Friday faves

What a whirlwind week. I started a new job, so it's been a bit hectic, but I'm liking my new place. I do miss my old work buddies, but I'll get together with them soon. Here are some of my faves this week.

picture from Tikkido
I love the idea of making your own homemade limoncello.

picture from See Kate Sew
Bow ties are so popular now. It's great to see this pattern to make your own bow tie. Maybe I'll whip a few up for my brother.

via Tablespoon
I am a burger lover. These bite sized bacon cheeseburger bombs look like the perfect party food to me!

picture from So Sew Easy
I have been meaning to get a lingerie bag to wash my delicates in, and this one looks so easy to make, I might have to try it.

picture from Frugality Gal
Who knew that making your own microwave popcorn was so easy and affordable?!

via Huffington Post
Spanish words with no English translations. Sometimes it's just easier to say something in Spanish.

pictures from Adventures in Making
I'm always looking for photo tips. And these Photography Tips for Bloggers are a great start.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm gonna try to catch the Jersey Boys movie.