Mar 2, 2015

Princess Half Marathon Weekend Recap: Part 1

It all came too quickly and before I knew it, Friday morning had arrived and it was time to head to Orlando for the Princess Half Marathon weekend.

Now, the costumes (which I totally started early!) ran a little late, so that had me going a bit crazy on Thursday night and Friday morning. But I got in my mani, and a few last minute errands, and finally packed up my car and was off. Disney World here I come.

I got to the hotel, Pop Century, and headed to my room. I bought my stuff into the room, and as I was waiting for Kris, was able to relax a bit and grab a snack. Then she arrived and we headed to the expo. I think this is the earliest we've ever been able to head to the expo, and it was great to be able to shop calmly.

We got our bibs and shirts, and then headed to the Run Disney booth for the official merchandise. Grabbed my magnet and was about to get my "I Did It" shirt, but I saw that there were NO "I Did It" shirts for the Glass Slipper?! I asked and they told me that these had sold out the day before, the first day of the expo. I was so sad, I wanted my shirt so bad. Ever since seeing the one from last year with both maps on the back. I got another glass slipper shirt, and we went on to shop some more. Thankfully, we had a little bubbly, which helped a bit.

Kris and I headed to get some last minute costume supplies and then had some dinner. Eddie and the kids met up with us. The kids were running the next morning, so we all headed back to the hotel so we could get some sleep. Well, mostly me, since I was the only one with a 3am wakeup call!

I woke up in the dark and then quietly got ready as the kids and Kris & Ed slept. It was a cold morning, so I didn't don my wings, cause I had no idea how to get them on. Plus, I figured if it did get warmer, it would be hard to get off my jacket and the wings.

The bus line wasn't too bad, and before I knew it I was getting walking towards the bag check. It was really cold, so I huddled with some people by the heaters, and then it was time to get in the corrals. I headed to my corral, and knew I was in for a long wait.

For some reason the 10k corrals at Disney have about a 15 minute wait between each. It takes forever to get started. Since I was in corral D, it was about an hour after the start of the race. Then finally, I was off.

Anna and Elsa made the first appearance, as usual, and the snow seemed so much more real with the cold! Right after the first mile marker, I saw Tinkerbelle! I knew I had to stop to get a pic. She was one of the first, I think maybe the second, character stop, so her line was a little long, but I needed a picture with her.

Finally, it was time to go back into Epcot and through the World Showcase. I love this part of the course, cause you get to run through so many countries.

I took a few mid-race selfies too. Here I am with Spaceship Earth in the background.

And I couldn't resist a "Parisian" selfie.

Then a jaunt through the Boardwalk and Beach Club and we were back in Future World and the finish line was just around the corner. I crossed, and part 1 of the Glass Slipper Challenge was done.

And I managed to finish a whole 5 minutes faster than the year before at the Enchanted 10k. My best RunDisney 10k time to date. Plus, some very pretty bling!

After the race, I waited to get a pic with Cinderella, but by the time I got to the front of the line, they swapped her out for Snow White. Oh well, I'll take it anyway.

Then it was off to watch Veronica and Xander in the kid's races. They both rocked it in their Vanellope Von Schweetz and Wreck-It Ralph costumes. But, they are so used to doing 5ks already, that they said the dashes were too short. I guess they'll be doing the 1 mile next time!

After a morning full of races, we headed back to the hotel to grab some breakfast and rest a bit.

... I'll post part 2, the half marathon soon!

Feb 22, 2015

Weekly Workouts 2.16.15-2.22.15

Since I wasn't able to get my runs in the week before, I was lucky that I had President's Day off and was able to get in 5 miles on Monday morning. The week got nuts with me finishing up my prep for the Princess Half Marathon weekend, so I didn't get workouts in on Thursday or Friday, but I figured it was ok, since I had 19.3 miles to run on the weekend.

Monday, 2.16.15: 5 mile run

Tuesday, 2.17.15: 21 Day Fix Upper Fix

Wednesday, 2.18.15: 21 Day Fix Lower Fix

Thursday, 2.19.15: Rest

Friday, 2.20.15: Rest

Saturday, 2.21.15: Princess Enchanted 10k

Sunday, 2.22.15: Princess Half Marathon

I made it through the Glass Slipper Challenge with only a little soreness when it was done, but 3 medals! I still am in shock. I'll have a full recap coming up soon.

Feb 15, 2015

Weekly Workouts 2.9.15-2.15.15

My runs were a little off this week, but I figured it was ok, since I finished Insanity Max :30!

Monday I did my workout at night, since I had run 8 miles the Sunday before. And the rest of the Insanity workouts took a LOT of convincing to get my butt out of bed, but I got them all in before work. I feel like my day starts out so much better when I know I already got my workout in. Especially on Thursdays, I know if I get my workout in early, I can watch my Shondaland shows without worrying about squeezing in a workout. It's all about seeing what works with your schedule.

Monday, 2.9.15: Insanity Max :30 Max Out Cardio

Tuesday, 2.10.15: Insanity Max :30 Max Out Power

Wednesday, 2.11.15: Insanity Max :30 Max Out Sweat

Thursday, 2.12.15: Insanity Max :30 Max Out Strength

Friday, 2.13.15: Insanity Max :30 Friday Fight Round 2

Saturday, 2.14.15: 6 3ish mile run

Sunday, 2.15.15: REST!

I was only going to be able to get in one run this weekend, so I figured I would do 6 miles, instead of the 5 I was planning on. But, I guess the universe had another plan for me. At about mile 2.6, my phone completely died. Like really dead. That meant no GPS, no mileage, no time, and no phone in case of an emergency. It was also about 46 degrees that morning (which is SUPER cold for Miami), so I guesstimated my mileage and called it a day.

I'm still in shock about finishing Insanity Max :30, I'll have a post with my thoughts and all the details on the program soon. Now, I'm getting ready for the Glass Slipper Challenge next weekend. Lots of costumes to finish up!

Feb 8, 2015

Weekly Workouts 2.2-2.8.15

Here goes, my workouts for last week:

Monday, 2.2.15: Insanity Max :30 Max Out Cardio

Tuesday, 2.3.15: Insanity Max :30 Max Out Power

Wednesday, 2.4.15: Insanity Max :30 Max Out Sweat

Thursday, 2.5.16: Insanity Max :30 Max Out Strength

Friday, 2.6.16: Insanity Max :30 Friday Fight Round 2

Saturday, 2.7.14: 4 mile run

Sunday, 2.8.15: 8 mile run

This week was a hectic one, but I still managed to get in all of my workouts! WOOHOO! And even though it was tough to get outta bed, I got in my double run weekend too. Only two weeks til the Glass Slipper Challenge, and I'm sure I'll be glad to be getting in these double runs then. I was able to get a massage after my 8 miler, it was so needed!

Feb 1, 2015

Weekly Workouts 1.26-2.1.15

Another week, another week of rocking my workouts! 

Getting in your workouts is really all about making a habit of it. At first, you gotta get up and make yourself do it, but after a while it just becomes habit. You feel weird if you haven't gotten a workout in. This Monday, which was the day after the Miami Half Marathon, I felt like I needed to move. I was tired, but I wanted to get something in. So, I took it easy and got in some Pulse. This is the "stretching" workout for Insanity Max :30, but it's still Shaun T, so he puts some pretty hard moves in there too. I maxed out, but felt great getting moving.

Monday: Insanity Max :30 Pulse

Tuesday: Insanity Max :30 Max Out Cardio

Wednesday: Insanity Max :30 Max Out Power

Thursday: Insanity Max :30 Max Out Sweat

Friday: REST

Saturday: 3 mile run and Insanity Max :30 Max Out Strength

Sunday: 6 mile run and Insanity Max :30 Friday Fight Round 2

My usual habit is to get my long run in on Sunday. I also want to start getting in a run on Saturday to get myself ready for the Glass Slipper Challenge. I slept in on Saturday morning, but got in my run in the afternoon, and then got in some Insanity Max :30 too. Only two more weeks of Max :30 to go, so I'll see my end results soon.

Jan 28, 2015

Miami Half Marathon Recap

This weekend I finally got to do a half marathon at home! Right here in the 305. I did the Miami Half Marathon. This was not only my first half in Miami, but it was also my first non-Disney half marathon.

Kris came down for this race, cause let's be serious, it wouldn't be a race without her. And we met up at the expo. That was the most painful part of the whole race experience. The expo was at the Miami Beach Convention Center. This is pretty easy to get to, but then you have to find parking, on the Beach (well, in the city of Miami Beach). I absolutely HATE Miami Beach for this reason, no parking. I ended up paying $15 for parking. Which SUCKED. But I got my bib, and my shirt, which was so cute. I also found some new headbands from Bandiwear. I had been looking for more wide headbands like these.

Kris slept at my place, and we got up at 4am to start getting ready and heading out to the Metrorail. I was so glad we were able to take the Metrorail downtown. That way I didn't have to deal with parking and all those closed streets.

It was a cold, windy morning. I was so glad to have some more long sleeved running shirts. We also layered with compression socks under out capris. And our new headbands kept our ears warm too. And we rocked our Raw Threads half marathon shirts.

We walked over to our starting corral, which was right in front of the American Airlines Arena (where the Heat play), and across the street from the Freedom Tower. Gotta say it was a nice view. Then we waited and waited and waited. We were the last corral, so we ended up starting at about 7am. We got lucky to start as the sun was rising, so the views were amazing.

But little did I know that we would be running over the MacArthur Causeway. This is a huge bridge that connects downtown Miami to Miami Beach. Thankfully this was at the beginning of the run, and slowly but surely, I made it over to the other side. The first few miles, I was feeling good.

On the way down on the bridge a girl asked if she could pace us. We said sure! She was from DC, and it was her first half. She did great and kept up with Kris and I with our intervals.

We ran to South Point and then up Ocean Drive. When you think of iconic Miami, this is it, right across from the ocean, and all those art deco buildings. It was nice to be running down it when it was empty and quiet.

 Then it seemed like it took forever to get to the other side of the beach and get on the Venetian causeway to make it back to downtown. Finally, we made it around to the convention center, and then on the opposite side of the gold course. It was getting closer. At about mile 9, I was starting to shut down. I was just tired and those early miles that seemed so easy were long gone. Luckily, Kris is usually stronger at the end of the race, so she kept up the pace and kept me going. The talking helps too!

Finally, we headed back to downtown, and I knew we were getting close to the finish line. The crowds were all so great. I'm used to Disney races, where the crowds are really controlled along the race, but here there were people everywhere. The signs were awesome, and the support was amazing.

At long last, I knew that Bayfront Park and the finish line were just around the corner. I told Kris, that I thought we might get a PR on this one, after hearing my app tell me what our time was after mile 13. And then, we finally reached that finish line. I checked after we finished and we did PR (just barely, but it counts)! Considering the wind and the two bridges that we had no idea were there that we had to cross, I call this a HUGE victory!

We got our medals too! I heard of some people that didn't get their medals after the half last year, so I was happy to get mine. Plus it's a spinning medal! Love those!

We headed back to the house and were tired and run-gry! We headed over to Lime and met up with Eddie and the kids. We celebrated with some frozen sangria! We earned it!

I had fun at this race, got a PR, and got to see the pretty parts of Miami without all those pesky crowds. I have to say that even if I don't do this race next year, I might just go out to cheer on the runners. Gotta support my hometown race!

Big HUGE thanks to David Pope, Kris's Dad, for the race pics!!

Jan 25, 2015

Weekly Workouts 1.19-1.25.15

This week, I was able to nail all of my workouts! Some days the morning still didn't work for me, but I got in the workouts right after getting home from work.

It was also week 1 of month 2 for Insanity Max :30, and that meant all new workouts. They were killer, but I know I'm stronger than I was a month ago.

Monday: Insanity Max :30 Max Out Cardio

Tuesday: Insanity Max :30 Max Out Power

Wednesday: Insanity Max :30 Max Out Sweat

Thursday: Insanity Max :30 Max Out Strength

Friday: Insanity Max :30 Max Out Friday Fight Round 2

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: Miami Half Marathon

Sunday, I rocked the Miami Half Marathon. I'll have a race recap of that up soon!