Oct 24, 2014

Friday five

November is almost here people... EEK! I've been penciling in all my holiday parties already, and I have my half marathon in 13 days! Here are a few things to check out before the weekend really gets going:

picture from A Beautiful Mess

1. Fave craft
I love this Wine Cork Bulletin Board. I might have to start saving my corks.

picture from Kojo Designs

2. Fave recipe
Pumpkin cake with apple cider glaze sounds perfect for fall!

via RunDisney

3. Fave fitness
Today is the last day to register and there are still some spots open for the Disney World Marathon. It's the only race where you run through all 4 parks! Grab them before they are gone!

via Entertainment Weekly
4. Fave awesome
Guardians of the Galaxy's Awesome Mix Vol. 1 will now be available on cassette tape. Time to bring out your walkmans!

5. Fave funny
Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Brad Pitt.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

Oct 21, 2014

Almost race time

My fall/winter races are about to kick into high gear. In 16 days, I will be doing my second half marathon. A year ago yesterday, I did my first 10k.

I never ever thought I'd do a 10k, let alone a half marathon (and who would have thought I'd have a race schedule?!). Last weekend I ran "only 6" miles, and yesterday I ran 10.5 miles as a practice long run. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this would be part of my normal. But it is, and I kinda like my new normal.

Now, I'm no expert on running. I do follow entirely too many running blogs and too many running groups on Facebook. But, I'm kinda just figuring this all out as I go along. And if someone like me can do this, I'm convinced that anyone can.

And yes, like I tell everyone, I don't love the actual act of running. But you know what I do love? Getting ready to run, the feeling of my head getting cleared of all the craziness I'm thinking about when I'm out there, seeing that I'm slowly getting faster, the feeling of accomplishment when I'm done, seeing other runners and cheering each other on, and getting in those miles. Oh and all the running gear. Gotta love me a new pair of running shoes and some cute running shirts, preferably with a snarky saying on them.

Somehow doing one color run a while back prompted me to keep signing up and keep running. I love, love getting my medals. Combine the bling love with a case of post-race amnesia, and you'll end up signing up for 7 races in the next 4 months! Here is what my race schedule is looking like.

First up, is the RunDisney Wine & Dine weekend. I have the 5k on November 8th in the AM and the half marathon that night. (Yes, I'm totally walking that 5k!)

On Thanksgiving morning, I'm doing the Turkey Trot 10k. I did the 5k last year, but three miles was just too short (I know, who am I?!)

Then in January, I'm doing the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend 10k mostly cause I want that Minnie medal.

At the end of January I have the Miami Half Marathon. I'll be running right in the 305! I totally got this race entry for almost nothing, so I had to do it.

And in February, I'm doing the Glass Slipper Challenge. It's part of Princess Half Marathon weekend. I'm, doing the 10k one day, then the half marathon the next day. Yes, even I think I'm crazy for this one, but I want that glass slipper medal.

Yes, I totally don't believe it, but I know I'll make it across the finish line of each and every one. I have a feeling the race addiction will keep going, so I wouldn't be surprised to see more races for me in 2015.

Have you ever thought of running? Are you doing any races this year?

Oct 17, 2014

Friday five

It's been a busy week for me, both at work and with cupcake orders. I got two orders this week, so Mom and I have been baking all week. But I did manage to find some cuteness on the internet, here are my Friday five:

picture from I Love to Create

1. Fave craft
With Halloween just around the corner, I think I need to make myself this sequin skull shirt.

picture from Delicious Obsessions
2. Fave recipe
I've always wanted to make homemade vanilla extract. Maybe I'll start some to use in my holiday baking.

via Runner's World

3. Fave fitness
I know I'm always struggling with this. Overcoming those nasty mental blocks while running.

via BuzzFeed
4. Fave costume ideas
I'm in costume making mode... and I don't know if it's my Disney kick or what, but I love these Disney costume ideas.

5. Fave thing that is soooo true
17 Secrets Every Target Lover Will Never Tell You. Yes, literally, all of them.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm finishing up another cupcake order and getting in a long run.

Oct 15, 2014

Blue's Clues party

It's party time once again because my niece, Miss V, turned 3! She is an awesome little girl and she specifically asked for a Blue's Clues party. Now if you know, Blue's Clues isn't even on the air anymore, but thanks to the joys of old videos, she's currently hooked on it.

Now what do you do when there are no party supplies in your party theme? Well make them of course! Her momma, Kris and I DIY-ed this party like no one's business.

Kris scoured thrift sites and eBay for anything Blue's Clues, and she found lots of stuff. She got Blue's Clues toys, stuffed animals, a Memory game, and books. She even managed to get a thinking chair! This made the perfect chair for the birthday girl!

We printed TONS of Blue's Clues (aka paw prints) and used them as decorations all over the place. We put them all over the walls and even on the sidewalk coming up to the house. You could tell that Blue was here.

We also used the paws to decorate plain paper bags that were our goodie bags for the kids. They were filled with candy, bubbles and even a handy dandy notebook and crayons for each kid.

It's also really handy that Eddie, Miss V's dad, is a great artist. He drew the invite (which is above) and also a welcome poster for the front door. We had to let people know it was party time...

He also drew a pin the clue on Blue game (which we totally forgot about playing...). Isn't Blue so cute?

And I had to make cupcakes. The ever demanding Miss V told me she needed blue cupcakes for the boys and magenta cupcakes for the girls. Who was I to deny her? I baked up vanilla and milk chocolate cupcakes in blue and magenta wrappers and frosted them with blue and magenta buttercream.

Kris got a bounce house for extra fun and the party was set.

Miss V and her brother, X, had a great time at the party, and so did everyone else. Can't you tell by those crazy faces?!

Needless to say just cause your theme is obscure doesn't mean you can't have a great birthday party. With a little imagination and some quick DIYs, you can make any party as awesome as you can make it.

Oct 6, 2014

Handmade Halloween

When Halloween rolls around for me it means picking out that costume and making it. My friends have asked me over the years why I don't just buy a costume, but buying a costume just doesn't feel like part of the holiday.

I was everything over the years....

a cheerleader,

a pumpkin,

a cavegirl, and so many more...

And this was the year, Mom tells me, that I insisted on a store-bought costume. Anyone else remember those terrible masks?

Since I was a little girl, Halloween was always a handmade holiday. I remember going to the fabric store and pouring over the pattern catalog until I found just the right costume. I'm thankful that Mom and Grandma were my costume magicians, making anything I wanted appear. Now that I can make my own costumes, I still love picking just the right one, and making it. It just feels right to me. Going to the store for a packaged costume is just not an option.

Anyone else have handmade costumes back in the day? How about now? Any ideas for this Halloween?

Oct 3, 2014

Friday five

It's not technically Friday, but the day got really busy for me. A day late, but here are my faves from this week:

picture from Sugar Bee crafts
1. Fave craft
This simple knotted fabric headband is cute and would be great to keep all my hair outta my face.

picture from A Beautiful Mess
2. Fave recipe
I've been dying to try cronuts, and A Beautiful Mess came to the rescue with their recipe for homemade cronuts.

via the Runner Box
3. Fave fitness
Anyone tried Runner Box yet? I think I may order one. I'm a sucker for running stuff.

via Remodelaholic
4. Fave decorating idea
Love the idea of these closet offices. Might be an option for my new guest room.

5. Fave TV show
This new show is one of my faves this season, watch How to Get Away with Murder.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sep 26, 2014

Friday five

The weekend is finally here again! It's still raging summer here in South Florida, so I may try to get a little sun and pool time before it gets to cold to go in. Here are this weeks five:

picture from Restoration Redoux
1. Fave craft
I need to start saving my wine corks wot make these awesome wine cork letters.

2. Fave recipe
This week it's been my own Irish Car Bomb cupcakes. They were a hit at my new office!

via Yurbuds

3. Fave fitness
I just ordered some new Yurbuds for my runs (I got a new pair with a mic). I love these headphones and they totally don't slip out when you run. It takes a little getting used to putting these over regular earbuds, but it's so worth it.

via Nerdist
4. Fave TV show (this week at least)
I love fairy tales and I just love the way that all my favorite fairy tale characters are re-imagined on Once Upon a Time. The series premiere is this Sunday, so catch up with their stories in this article first.

picture from A Beautiful Mess
5. Fave makeup tips
These makeup tips from A Beautiful Mess are easy and just a little something to make your look pop!

I'm running another 10 miles this week, so wish me luck. I'll be up before the sun for that run!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.