Jul 14, 2015

Suck It Up Buttercup 10k Recap

I don't know how we manage to find these races, but inevitably somehow we do. And with a sale going and a race called "Suck It Up Buttercup", how could I not do this race?

The race was in DeBary, Florida, about 45 minutes from Kris's house. I headed up to Central Florida, and early Sunday morning we headed out to DeBary for the race.

Now this race was called Suck It Up Buttercup for a good reason. It's hot in July in Florida. And those "Florida hills" on the course were no joke.

It was a sluggish 10k, but it still felt good. Plus, it was just the start of half marathon training, so it was a good way to kick my butt into gear. 

I think the racing is over for now until Wine & Dine (for now at least), so it's just training and more training til then.

Jun 22, 2015

Kris's 40th Birthday Party

I've gotten back on a little party roll lately, and with my bestie having a big milestone birthday this year, I knew I had to do something for her. So along with her husband, Eddie, we decided to throw Kris a big 40th party.

We decided it'd be easiest to make the party happen at Kris and Eddie's house. This way the kids could stay and play, as the adults chatted and had fun. I totally got inspired by some black and white stripes I saw online paired with bright peonies, so the theme was done. Finding the striped plates and napkins wasn't easy, but I finally found them online. Then I called in to a local florist and he was able to set aside some peonies and garden roses for me. Eddie got a few balloons and the decor was done.

Eddie had a great idea for a taco bar, since Kris loves Mexican food. It was so easy to set up. Just some crock-pot taco chicken and all the fixings. Add some chips and we were set.

Since we were having the taco bar, we had to have margaritas. I made regular and strawberry margaritas. I used a mix they recommended at Total Wine, and they were great. Plus, they looked super cute in Mom's drink dispensers.

For the strawberry margaritas, I just added some fresh strawberry puree to the mix. They were perfect and not too sweet.

I couldn't throw my bestie a party without making some cupcakes. Since we were already making strawberry margaritas, strawberry margarita cupcakes were a no brainer. I also made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for the kids, I didn't think they'd like the strawberry tequila filling.

I also made a little cake to add to the top of the cupcake tower. I decorated it with some of the fresh flowers and it looked amazing.

The birthday girl just loved it!

This girl is one of the best friends anyone could ever have, and I was so happy to be able to throw this party for her. We all had such a great time at the party. And this girl makes 40 look good!

Jun 21, 2015

Weekly Workouts 6.15.15 - 6.21.15

Ok, my workouts had been all over the place lately, and so had my posting. But this week, I feel like I got back on track. I started Insanity Max :30 again, and was able to get in a run too.

Monday, 6.15.15:  Insanity Max :30 Cardio Challenge

Tuesday, 6.16.15: Insanity Max :30 Tabata Power

Wednesday, 6.17.15: Insanity Max :30 Sweat Intervals

Thursday, 6.18.15: Insanity Max :30 Tabata Power

Friday, 6.19.15: Insanity Max :30 Friday Fight Round 1

Saturday, 6.20.15: Insanity Max :30 Pulse

Sunday, 6.21.15: Run 3 miles

I'm starting week 3 of Insanity Max :30 next week, and my half marathon training is amping up too. Here's to another great week of workouts.

Jun 5, 2015

Twilight 5k Recap

The Twilight 5k is a race that's been going on for years right down the street from me. I finally took the leap and signed up this year, and my friend, Meli, signed up with me too.

The best thing about this race is that it's an evening race.  It's nice cause the sun is going down as you race, but there is still enough natural light to get your run done without feeling like your running in darkness.

This years race was also special, Papa Hans, Hans ???, passed away this year, so this race, his race, was a tribute to him. Hans and his wife opened up Footworks, a running store, in South Miami about 40 years ago. The store is till there and helping runners in Miami. Footworks was actually where I first got fitted for running shoes, and is my favorite running store around. You can tell that they are runners there and really want to help you get in your best run. 

Now for the actual race, it started at 7pm, which was perfect. But just because it was a late start didn't mean it wasn't hot. Thankfully the sun wasn't blaring at us, but the humidity was out of hand! The air was just so thick, it was like running through sludge. 

But the people were amazing. The race is through the neighborhoods in South Miami, and the people had their lawn chairs out and sat outside cheering on the runners. Some even had their hoses out to spray off the people that wanted a cool down!

Because of the humidity, my time was a bit slow, but it was a fun race. I also got to rock my new purple polka dot compression socks. And I loved that it was so close to home.

We got medals for this race, and since it was the Twilight 5k, they glowed in the dark! So cool!

Apr 20, 2015

Riverside Dash 15k

The Riverside Dash 15k was my first 15k. Kristina found this race which was in Sanford, close to Orlando, and since we were looking for better qualifying times for Wine & Dine, we decided to go for it. Now neither of us had done a 15k yet, so at least we'd get automatic PRs. I'm all about the PRs lately... LOL

We got up early (not that early compared to a RunDisney race), and headed out to Sanford for the race. The start and finish were at a park, and we were lucky to find real bathrooms to go before the race--score!

Kris and I rocked our Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum shirts. I love these, and they are so us! I didn't have time to make a skirt for myself, but I'll have one next time.

There was a trainer doing a warm-up before the race, so we joined in. He was doing some insanity type moves, not gonna say we made it through all of them, but we did some. And then we ran into our friend Anna who was also running the race. She's so awesome, I was happy we ran into her and her hubby, who was also running.

It was a small race, so there were no corrals, but we lined up and started. We ran around Sanford, which was so cute, and small-townish (I know, this big city girl loves the cute towns). And then we got to the Riverside. After about mile 2 we ran alongside the river (I have no idea what river it is) as the sun came up. It was so pretty.

The course was up and back, so eventually we hit the entrance to the Central Florida Zoo, and turned back. The course was pretty flat, no hills, but the road that we ran on is kind of slanted. And that is no fun to run on for an extended time. On the way out the slant was one way, then the other way on the way back. My legs were feeling it.

The volunteers were great in handing out the water, though on this humid day a few more water stations would have been great. There was one little girl at one of the water stations that was so much fun, she was running around telling you to just drop your cup and keep going. She was such a motivator.

Everything was ok, and then once we got back into the town part of Sanford, I was ready to be done. Those last two miles seemed to go on forever. I felt like we'd never get to that finish line. Since it was a small race, as we came around to the finish, they called our names! So cool. Anna was also waiting at the finish line and was able to snap some pictures of us.

The announcer noticed I was from Miami and asked how Miami celebrates, so I had to throw up a 305!

And then finally we were done! A 15K PR in the books. Though, as I told Kris, if we're gonna do 9.3 miles, we might as well have done a half marathon... God, who am I? LOL

And as always, I'm in it for the bling, so here's the bling shot.

Overall, the race was pretty good. It was humid, but I'd felt worse humidity at home in Miami this year already. Luckily, the sun stayed behind some clouds the whole time, and we didn't get the rain that was in the forecast. My legs also held up pretty good, I wore my compression socks to make sure my calves would feel ok, and they did.

Have you ever done a 15k?

Apr 19, 2015

Weekly Workouts 4.13.15 - 4.19.15

This week, I recovered from the 15k last weekend, but I feel like I got back into my groove at the end of the week. I think it was due to the fact that I was able to get an upper body workout in! The weights didn't bother my newly un-braced wrist, but the pushups are still a bit much for me. So no Shaun T workouts just yet, but I'm so happy to get in more upper body work. I'm hoping I can get my arms toned up again. Yay! I also got in 3 runs this week. I'm hoping this is the start of getting back into almost daily workouts.

Monday, 4.13.15: Rest

Tuesday, 4.14.15: 2 mile run

Wednesday, 4.15.15: 3.5 mile run with Kendall Run Club

Thursday, 4.16.15: 21 Day Fix Upper Fix!

Friday, 4.17.15: Rest

Saturday, 4.18.15: 21 Day Fix Dirty 30

Sunday, 4.19.15: 5 mile run

I'm hoping to do a full 21 Day Fix starting tomorrow, so wish me luck!

Apr 12, 2015

Weekly Workouts 4.6.15 - 4.12.15

This week, I really listened to my body, early in the week I needed some stretching, and then got in a lot of foam rolling. My calves have been tight lately, and I wanted to make sure I'd be ok for my race this weekend.

Monday, 4.6.15: 21 Day Fix Pilates Fix

Tuesday, 4.7.15: Turbo Fire Fire 30

Wednesday, 4.8.15: Rest

Thursday, 4.9.15: 30 minute run

Friday, 4.10.15: 21 Day Fix 10 Minute Ab Fix

Saturday, 4.11.15: Rest

Sunday, 4.12.15: Riverside Dash 15k

And it's another PR, well an automatic one, since it was my first 15k. But the Riverside Dash 15k is in the books (recap coming soon).