Jan 28, 2015

Miami Half Marathon Recap

This weekend I finally got to do a half marathon at home! Right here in the 305. I did the Miami Half Marathon. This was not only my first half in Miami, but it was also my first non-Disney half marathon.

Kris came down for this race, cause let's be serious, it wouldn't be a race without her. And we met up at the expo. That was the most painful part of the whole race experience. The expo was at the Miami Beach Convention Center. This is pretty easy to get to, but then you have to find parking, on the Beach (well, in the city of Miami Beach). I absolutely HATE Miami Beach for this reason, no parking. I ended up paying $15 for parking. Which SUCKED. But I got my bib, and my shirt, which was so cute. I also found some new headbands from Bandiwear. I had been looking for more wide headbands like these.

Kris slept at my place, and we got up at 4am to start getting ready and heading out to the Metrorail. I was so glad we were able to take the Metrorail downtown. That way I didn't have to deal with parking and all those closed streets.

It was a cold, windy morning. I was so glad to have some more long sleeved running shirts. We also layered with compression socks under out capris. And our new headbands kept our ears warm too. And we rocked our Raw Threads half marathon shirts.

We walked over to our starting corral, which was right in front of the American Airlines Arena (where the Heat play), and across the street from the Freedom Tower. Gotta say it was a nice view. Then we waited and waited and waited. We were the last corral, so we ended up starting at about 7am. We got lucky to start as the sun was rising, so the views were amazing.

But little did I know that we would be running over the MacArthur Causeway. This is a huge bridge that connects downtown Miami to Miami Beach. Thankfully this was at the beginning of the run, and slowly but surely, I made it over to the other side. The first few miles, I was feeling good.

On the way down on the bridge a girl asked if she could pace us. We said sure! She was from DC, and it was her first half. She did great and kept up with Kris and I with our intervals.

We ran to South Point and then up Ocean Drive. When you think of iconic Miami, this is it, right across from the ocean, and all those art deco buildings. It was nice to be running down it when it was empty and quiet.

 Then it seemed like it took forever to get to the other side of the beach and get on the Venetian causeway to make it back to downtown. Finally, we made it around to the convention center, and then on the opposite side of the gold course. It was getting closer. At about mile 9, I was starting to shut down. I was just tired and those early miles that seemed so easy were long gone. Luckily, Kris is usually stronger at the end of the race, so she kept up the pace and kept me going. The talking helps too!

Finally, we headed back to downtown, and I knew we were getting close to the finish line. The crowds were all so great. I'm used to Disney races, where the crowds are really controlled along the race, but here there were people everywhere. The signs were awesome, and the support was amazing.

At long last, I knew that Bayfront Park and the finish line were just around the corner. I told Kris, that I thought we might get a PR on this one, after hearing my app tell me what our time was after mile 13. And then, we finally reached that finish line. I checked after we finished and we did PR (just barely, but it counts)! Considering the wind and the two bridges that we had no idea were there that we had to cross, I call this a HUGE victory!

We got our medals too! I heard of some people that didn't get their medals after the half last year, so I was happy to get mine. Plus it's a spinning medal! Love those!

We headed back to the house and were tired and run-gry! We headed over to Lime and met up with Eddie and the kids. We celebrated with some frozen sangria! We earned it!

I had fun at this race, got a PR, and got to see the pretty parts of Miami without all those pesky crowds. I have to say that even if I don't do this race next year, I might just go out to cheer on the runners. Gotta support my hometown race!

Big HUGE thanks to David Pope, Kris's Dad, for the race pics!!

Jan 25, 2015

Weekly Workouts

This week, I was able to nail all of my workouts! Some days the morning still didn't work for me, but I got in the workouts right after getting home from work.

It was also week 1 of month 2 for Insanity Max :30, and that meant all new workouts. They were killer, but I know I'm stronger than I was a month ago.

Monday: Insanity Max :30 Max Out Cardio

Tuesday: Insanity Max :30 Max Out Power

Wednesday: Insanity Max :30 Max Out Sweat

Thursday: Insanity Max :30 Max Out Strength

Friday: Insanity Max :30 Max Out Friday Fight Round 2

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: Miami Half Marathon

Sunday, I rocked the Miami Half Marathon. I'll have a race recap of that up soon!

Jan 18, 2015

Weekly Workouts

As I continue on my fitness journey, I wanted to share my workouts and keep myself on track too. So I'll be posting my workouts for the week here.

Monday: Insanity Max :30 Cardio Challenge

Tuesday: Rest day (I woke up late :( )

Wednesday: Insanity Max :30 Tabata Strength

Thursday: Insanity Max :30 Sweat Intervals

Friday: Insanity Max :30 Tabata Strength

Saturday: Insanity Max :30 Friday Fight Round 1

Sunday: 10 mile run

I've realized that it's easiest if I get the workouts in in the mornings. Cause some days, I wake up late and then getting in that workout later in the day is just tricky. So I'm gonna try my best for early AM workouts next week.

What workouts did you get in this week?

Jan 13, 2015

Walt Disney World 10k Recap

My first race of the year is in the books! I did the Walt Disney World 10k as part of Walt Disney World Marathon weekend. My bestie and BRF (best running friend), Kris did the race with me as always. This is the biggest race weekend for RunDisney and you could tell. We go to the expo a little after 6pm, and it was still packed.

We picked up our bibs and then did our usual walking around the expo trying not to spend too much (I think Kris and I did ok this time... LOL). We grabbed some dinner and then headed back to Kris's house to try and get some rest before the very very early (3:30am) wake-up call.

We decided to wear our awesome Raw Threads shirts. But it was a cold, cold 43 degrees when we left, so that meant layering with long sleeves and my running tights too. I even got to use the running gloves (with touchscreen capability) that Mom got me for Christmas.

After waiting and waiting, and waiting and freezing my butt off, our corral finally went off at about 6:10. I don't know why, but for the Disney 10ks the corrals seem to be let out about 5 minutes apart. The waiting sucks, but waiting in the cold is even worse! I was so glad to finally start running.

And right after we left Epcot and got onto the road, we saw Anna and Elsa! They were making it snow, and I think Elsa got mad, cause it was a cold morning.

We finally warmed up and seemed to be doing pretty well on our run. We saw Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum on our way to the Boardwalk resort, and decided that we needed to stop to take a pic with these guys. By the time we reached them we only had about a mile left, so we stopped to say hi. They just loved my Alice shirt, and pushed Kris to the back when taking this pic! You can see Kris's hand behind Tweedle Dum.

Then as we were about to head into Future World, we saw the big marionette things, and noticed the new Mike Wasowski one. Another picture was in order for this.

Before I knew it the finish line was in front of me. And there I was finishing another 10k. A huge bonus was that my race pics were actually there and decent. After the Wine & Dine Half, I was so sad not even having one pic.

I finally got my Minnie Mouse medal. Now, the real reason I even registered for this race was to get the Minnie medal, cause who doesn't love Minnie. She's so cute.

After the race Kris and I decided to wait to take a picture with Minnie Mouse, but it was soooo cold, since the sun never made an appearance, that after a while we gave up and headed to the Magic Kingdom. Our first stop was Starbucks (best thing that they put on Main Street!), and then we figured we'd see some princesses.

Our first stop was Merida, cause I hadn't seen my redheaded girl yet. She was so happy to see that we had medals and invited us to the highland games.

Then we passed by the Mine Train, but the line was nuts, so we checked out Anna and Elsa at Princess Fairytale Hall. Their line didn't look too long, and since it was about to start raining, we figured we'd wait. And only 25 minutes later, I was meeting Elsa and Anna. They were so awesome.

Then we stumbled across the Fairy Godmother. She was so proud of both of us for doing the race.

Then we wrapped up the day seeing Tiana. I think she was a little cold though.

The sun still hadn't come out to play and it was still mighty chilly, so we headed off to get some lunch and do some shopping before crashing at Kris's house. I had a such great time at this race. It was cold, but Disney races are always so much fun.

Dec 31, 2014

A 2014 Recap

I'm joining in and giving you a recap of my 2014. It was a great year, and I hope 2015 will be an even better one!

Started off the year in the happiest place on Earth, just in time to see the Osbourne Family Christmas lights before they got taken down for the year. It was nice to get in a little more Christmas before the season was really over.

Was time for my nephew's Lego Superhero 7th birthday party, and a few weeks later I did the inaugural Enchanted 10k at Disney. It was so much fun, especially, since I got to dress up as my favorite princess, Cinderella.

I went to a bunch of parties for some of the awesome little ones in my life, and also made some awesome St. Paddy's Day cupcakes, Irish Car Bomb cupcakes.

Finally went to the Animal Kingdom and rode Everest for the first time. So much fun! I was also keeping up on my running.

Watched my best friend graduate from nursing school, helped another celebrate his birthday with a special request, Oreo cupcakes, and spent lots of afternoons by my pool.

My birthday month! I finally made Sweet Angels cupcakes a page on the internet. I made a myself a slip and also got a great new job. I celebrated my birthday at the new job, but had a bunch of friends over to celebrate at my house too. Plus Mom made me these cute beachy cupcakes. It was so fun!

Kris and I finally celebrated our birthdays together with a night out at Epcot and an after hours tequila tasting. It was so good. We also had a girls brunch here in Miami for all of us to catch up. It's so good having an all day brunch and gossip session.

In July I signed up as a Beachbody coach after trying Piyo with my blogger friend Kat, and I posted about my fitness journey. This was a HUGE leap of faith for me, and I'm still trying to figure out how to fit it all in, but I can say I'm a fitness junkie now. I also went to New Orleans with Kris and we had such a great time, and got LOTS of steps in in the process too!

I went to FL Blog Con and gave my blog a new look! I love going to FL Blog Con, I always leave with such awesome ideas from other bloggers and tons of new blogs to read!

Time for my niece's birthday. And she picked a Blue's Clues theme this year. We got creative and threw an awesome Blue's Clues party. I also shared a little about my history of running, and all the races that I signed up for. I also headed to Epcot's International Food and Wine festival with Meli, so I could enjoy the food before my race.

Means it was time for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon weekend! This would be my second half marathon, and it rained the WHOLE race. I'll chock that one up to experience. I also did a 5k the morning of the half, and I survived. My first double race weekend. I really love that bling! I also did the Turkey Day 10k on Thanksgiving morning and got my 10k PR!

Has been full of fun holiday get togethers with friends. But I haven't let it derail my fitness. I've kept up running, since I have 4 races to go in January and February. I started a fitness challenge group and I've even started Insanity Max :30, to give my body an extra boost and see how far I can go.

Here's a toast to 2014 and a huge welcome to 2015. I hope to share more with all of you and hope to inspire others to design their own lives to make them healthier, more creative and more FUN!

Dec 17, 2014



Watching: Christmas movies! I love watching Christmas movies to get me in the holiday spirit. I've already watched Love Actually, and looks like The Holiday might be up for viewing after the Michael Buble holiday special tonight.

Working on: Some handmade Christmas goodies. I'm not going all out and doing totally handmade, but I do have a few things that I'm making for some of my gifts this year. I can't wait to give them to their owners!

Wishing: That it would be cold on Noche Buena and Christmas Day! This is always one of my wishes every year, since I would like to feel a little Christmas-y and not like it's the middle of the summer on Christmas Day.

Thinking about: What to do here on the blog. My interests and passions are changing, and I haven't really known what to share here on the blog. I've been more into fitness lately than crafting and baking. I still like to do these things, but it seems like fitness is taking place as my main hobby these days. I've just started Insanity Max :30, and I'm so excited to see how far I can go. I know I wrote a while back that I was gonna include more fitness on here, but I just don't know how to do it yet. I think I'm just gonna go with the flow and bring you along on my runs and workouts and hopefully, you'll stay on this journey with me. I'm in no way a fitness expert, but I've been thinking that the fitness blogs that I enjoy most are just normal people sharing their love of fitness. And I know that I want to tell people that if I can do it, they can too. I've never been an athlete or into fitness until the last few years, but if this couch potato can get moving anyone can.

Making me happy: Getting Christmas gifts for my friends, cooler weather, holiday get togethers, Christmas cards in the mail, flannel pajama pants, great online friends, holiday baking, wrapping presents, late night movies

Dec 1, 2014

Turkey Day 10k recap

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend here in the US. I started off my holiday weekend with a 10k, and a personal record!

I did the 5k Turkey Trot last year, and this year I wanted to try the 10k. They renamed the race Turkey Day 5k/10k, which was totally great for me, cause it was still being held at Tropical Park, which is where I do my training runs.

The race started at 7:30, and Mom was coming with me, so we bundled up (it was a 55 degrees that morning, in Miami that's really cold!) and headed towards the park. Getting into the park to park the car was slow going, but we did get a space really close to the finish line.

We started on Miami time (about 10 minutes late), but I think that was more because of the traffic to get in. It was not that bad to park last year! At long last they sang the anthem and we got started.

It was cool to run in the familiarity of my training grounds. I started with my warmup, and waited for the crowds at the front to thin out a bit. They did and I started on my run/walk intervals. I was cold, so I think I was a little faster than usual just to get myself warm.

We looped around and saw the entrance to Santa's Enchanted Forest (sucks that we can't run through it!), and then around the horse stalls and amphitheater.

We looped back around to the stadium and there was the split for the 5k and 10k. The 10k runners kept going, and the crowd totally thinned out. Around this time I was just dying of heat, so I took off my jacket, and just kept on my long sleeve shirt. As soon as I adjusted my jacket, I saw Mom on the side taking pics. Gotta say it's pretty cool to have people cheering you on along the race.

This part of the race was in the part of the park where I usually enter and do my longer runs. I knew it well. I kept at it and knew what my 10k PR was and wanted to beat it. I knew what pace I had to keep, and was doing pretty good.

Mile 4 was in the shade of some trees and it was breezy, so I got cold. But I kept going, my pace was great and I knew I could do it. My hip was a little bothersome right before I hit mile 5, but I told myself I can't stop now.

Then just like that there was the mile 6 marker. And Mom waiting for me to take more pics! I thought it was weird, cause it was almost over, and knew she couldn't run over to the finish line. (Turns out she was confused, and thought I had to get to 10 miles, not just a 10k.) I turned onto the track and crossed the finish line in record time!

My new 10k PR is 01:20:33!! I'm so excited. That's race #3 of 7 in the books.

After that I went home ate some breakfast and prepped for the big event, Thanksgiving dinner!