Sep 18, 2017

16 Weeks Out (Marathon Training)

It was Hurricane Irma recovery week. Which meant it was an off workout week, but I did what I could.

Monday, September 11th - Clearing yard waste!

Told you there was an off workout in here. I cleared out my parents yard and mine too. Raking, filling trash cans, emptying trash cans, all in the heat.

Tuesday, September 12th - Rest day
No AC, no electricity. The thought of trying to cool off after a workout with no AC in the Miami summer was too much to even think of.

Wednesday, September 13th - Rest day
We got our electricity back at about 4-5pm, the rest of the day was moving the hurricane party (me, Grandma, Mom & Pop) to my house to be in the cool house.

Thursday, September 14th - Rest day
AC is back, but it was a putting things back in place at home. And soaking in the air conditioning...

Friday, September 15th - Shaun Week: Insane Basics

I wanted to get something in, so I picked something easy and hard if that makes sense. Shaun T is my go to. I know he'll work me out, and it's only 30 minutes.

Saturday, September 16th - Orangetheory class

So glad to be able to get back to class! I think I was out of it for a little too long, cause those rows nearly killed me. Took me a second, but I did get back into the groove.

Sunday, September 17th - 12 miles

It was supposed to be a 13 mile run, but I was glad I got in the 12. The streets are still crazy with fallen trees and hurricane debris. All the sidewalks aren't cleared. This left a LOT of my normal route obstructed, so I did what I could. Because I knew the streets would be blocked and covered in branches, I waited about an hour after my normal start time to start my run. This gave me light, but also extra sun, which meant extra heat. I think all the weaving around debris also bothered my IT band, cause it started bothering me at about mile 9. Walked the last 4 miles, but I got them in.

Next week is a little lower mileage. I'm hoping the streets get a little more cleared up. I know with time they will be.

Sep 15, 2017

My Hurricane Irma experience

It was Labor Day weekend, and I would be lying if I didn’t say I had a slight eye on the storm. They said it would be a category 5. I lived through hurricane Andrew 25 years ago. A cat 5 is no joke and nothing to mess around with.

I got to work on Tuesday, and we were all monitoring the storm. On Wednesday, it was all consuming. Then they canceled schools, and everyone was hunting for water and gasoline. I do have to say, I’m not sure if it’s the fact, that here in South Florida we don’t play around with anything over a category 3, or if they effects of Harvey were still fresh in everyone’s minds, but people sprung into action to prep for the storm. As we prepared, we all watched the cone, hoping to be out of it soon.

Thursday, with all the schools and most office buildings closing to prepare, I was home. I woke up to see us still in the cone. I headed to an Orangetheory class to burn off some of the crazy. Lucky I did, cause they closed later that night.

After class, I helped my brother put up boards on the windows of his apartment. Another workout for me. Those plywood boards are really heavy. Then I came home to soak in the air conditioning and comforts of home.

It was a gorgeous blue sky, puffy white cloud day. I knew this didn't bode well, cause that whole "calm before the storm" thing is totally real. I still remember how gorgeous the day before Hurricane Andrew was. Everyone was on social media posting storm prep and tips and tricks. Out-of-towners urging Floridians to flee. Now, if you’re not from Florida that’s easy to say. But… to get out of the state normally takes about 10-12 hours. To get out of Irma’s path would take so much longer. The keys, beaches, and other people in evacuation zones really had to get out. I am not in an evacuation zone, so there was no need for people like me to be clogging up the streets for the people that really needed to get out.

Friday was another prep day, but we got moving on this storm early. So it was a sit around and wait day. Friday night, the winds did pick up a little, and I got a little scared. We were still home, but Grandma and I were going to Mom & Pop’s house to ride out the storm, since their house has shutters. I thought we were already getting bands, but Grandma was already in bed. After texting with mom, we decided to wait until the morning to move over. In the morning we grabbed our bags and headed to Mom & Pop's.

Blunded up from the cold AC!
Yup, that's me, in the dark
The little red dot is the radio.
There should be a sidewalk next to that tree
Our outdoor kitchen including plantains from my godparent's backyard
Around our neighborhood, between Mom & Pop's and my house
Debris piles in front of every house
Huge tree by Mom & Pop's being cleared 

Saturday, we sat around and chilled. In the early afternoon Pop and I closed the last few shutters (they have accordion shutters), and we came in to wait out the storm. Mom made some arroz con pollo al la chorrera for dinner. It was delicious.

We were all sitting after dinner watching the non-stop hurricane TV coverage to see when it would be here, and first the lights flickered, but then bam, power was gone. It was just before 8pm. We turned on the radio for the simulcast of the TV stations and kept listening to the updates.

At this point the tornado warnings had begun. They came fast and often, but thankfully none in out area. We went to sleep and began to hear some of the winds begin to pickup. As the winds got stronger you could hear it whistling and howling. It did wake me up a few times. The storm kept going and when we got up in the morning the hurricane force winds were still there. We found out that they eye made landfall in the keys at about 9am, but with Irma being so wide, we had been having effects on our area for a while.

Most hurricanes I’ve been through have come at night, so by the time you get up in the morning, it’s all over. But this one kept going and going. Finally the news said that hurricane force winds should be gone by 8pm on Sunday, and tropical storm winds would be subsiding by 7am. Imagine over 24 hours locked in a house, in the dark, cause the shutters are covering all your windows. It’s nuts. Thankfully my parents front door has a little window made of hurricane proof glass, so at least we had a little light.

Eventually on Sunday night, we had to let my parents’ dog out to pee. Poor guy was not about having to go on a pee pee pad. When there was a lull in the winds they let him out. They said it was mostly just trees down from what they saw in the backyard for a few minutes.

Finally, the next morning, Monday morning, we were able to open the shutters and see what had happened. It was mostly tree damage. I didn’t see too much roof damage around their neighborhood, if any. So when we had some light, we got into the yard to deal with the debris. A few substantial branches from their tree in the backyard had come down.

A part of their fence also came down, cause the neighbors fence fell over. Overall, the damage wasn't too bad.

Mom made breakfast on our propane camping stove in the makeshift outdoor kitchen. She was using up what we had as it defrosted. The bacon was in the freezer and was delicious along with egg whites. 

Then I got back to clearing out the backyard. When I was done with the back, I started on the front. This wasn't too bad, just mostly getting rid of the bigger branches. But man was it hard work. Did a few squats emptying out the garbage can with branches and leaves. After a rest from cleaning up the front yard, we headed over to see what happened at my house. My brother, Angel, had come and told us the damage was minimal, a few roof tiles in the front, my pool screen was in tact, just a few beams needed repair, and some tree debris. 

Mom and I got there and noticed a couple of trees had some bigger limbs down. We cleaned up the front, then went to the back and cleaned out the tree branches and other leaves and junk in the yard.

We trimmed back one of the trees to be able to leave the sidewalk available. I totally count all this cleanup as my workout. I had 10,000 steps by 12pm. A cold shower, cause no hot water anyways, cooled me off for a little bit. But then it was just hanging around, trying to stay cool in the humidity.

Mom made tacos for dinner, cause there was ground turkey that needed to be used. We ate pretty good dinners for it being a hurricane. The day we "chef-boy-ar-dee"-ed it was Sunday, cause we couldn't go outside. But mom did heat it up on the propane stove. Then once the sun went down, we went to bed pretty soon after that, cause there's only so much you can do by the flashlight light.

Tuesday, Mom ventured out to find coffee. She ended up with instant coffee from the grocery store, which had no power, but was open. Publix also had gas in their cooking areas, so she also scored us some croquetas and chicken tenders for dinner. No power, but eating pretty ok. In our boredom, and need to get the leaves off the cars anyways, Mom and I washed our cars. We were hot anyways, so we cooled off with the water and got our cars clean while we did it.

We sat on the front porch and read, cause there was a nice breeze. I caught up on all the Runner's World magazines that come to my house and I never get a chance to read. But it made me wanna run. I actually did see someone running, and would have loved to get out there too. But then all I could think was how horrible it would be to get out there and run, and then come home to heat and no cooling off.

After another no power night, I woke up Wednesday and noticed I had a little internet on my phone. I was in my car getting a little charge on my cell, and noticed the internet was working, so the first thing I did was check FPL (our power company) to see the status of our power. The radio kept telling you to check the internet or the app. All really easy if you have internet access. But I did see that tickets were open for my house and my parents' house. We still didn't have power though, so I checked myself safe on Facebook, and that was it.

My mom had to go into the office, but I stayed to watch Grandma. Pop was able to get an extension cord over to the neighbor's generator and hooked up a fan. Just having that moving air was so great. I also plugged in my phone to get a full charge for the first time in days.

Angel came over to drop off some tools and his plywood. Might as well keep it for the next storm, right? And Mom's office closed early, cause there weren't a lot of doctor's there. So she came home right as Angel was getting the generator from my house. The generator was in the garage, so he dug it out and brought it over. Pop and him got it started and we were able to plug into our own generator.

Mom and I needed to get some gas cans at my house to keep the generators going, so we went back home to get some there. As we were chatting with my godparents (who are also my neighbors behind the house), another one of the neighbors shouted, "we have power!" And we did. Power at my house. I went in and cranked up the air conditioning units. We got the gas for the generator to keep Mom & Pop's fridge going, and then we moved Grandma and our party to my house.

At this time, my parents still don't have power, so the campout here continues. Their area seems to be one of the only ones without power in our area. But hopefully, it'll be soon. At least we can all sleep at my house in the AC.

The cleanup here in Miami still continues. Most of the sidewalks where I run are covered in fallen trees. Power is still a commodity, as is ice and hot food. But slowly it will all get back to normal, just with a lot less shade. I was disconnected for a few days, but I thought I'd share what I was going through. A hurricane is never fun, but we prepared and heeded the warnings and made it through another storm. Just the price we pay for living in paradise.

*Note to the hurricane gods, I'm good for a few years on storms. Thanks!*

Sep 13, 2017

18 & 17 Weeks Out - Marathon Training

Combining two weeks, cause with the long weekend, and then hurricane prep, I got a little behind. But here goes...

Monday, August 28th - 21 Day Fix: Total Body Fix & Yoga

Jenn and I decided to give the OG 21 Day Fix a chance. So we did. Then some days you're so sore, and you need a little yoga at the end of the day.

Tuesday, August 29th - 21 Day Fix: Upper Fix


Arms were burning after this one!

Wednesday, August 30th - Orangetheory: Endurance/Power Day

Crazy run/row day. Thanks to Kris for giving me the heads up, but it was still so hard.

Thursday, August 31st - 21 Day Fix: Pilates Fix

The original 21 Day Fix pilates doesn't involve the resistance band, so it's much more doable. But it still burned.

Friday, September 1st - Namaste & Cabernet

Drove to Orlando for the long weekend, and went straight to this class. It was a yoga class in a winery. Yoga class and 2 glasses of wine included. It was so much fun, a great workout with great friends, and wine!

Saturday, September 2nd - Orangetheory 90 min class: Power

Even though we were home by 10, the class the night before and the week in general had me tired. After an hour of this class it was hard to keep going, but I did.

Sunday, September 3rd - 11 miles

Early morning training run. We went out to a running trail by Baldwin Park. It was great to be out on this nice trail. Have to find a place like this at home. It was really dark at parts, but eventually the sun came up. We walked after mile 6, but got in all 11 miles in our plan.

Monday, September 4th - REST DAY
It was Labor Day. And after a weekend full of workouts, Kris and I decided to take the day to sleep in, and then walk around the Epcot Food & Wine Festival.

Tuesday, September 5th - Beast Week: Chest & Arms

Back at it and wanted to try out this new workout by Sagi, the Body Beast (aka the bodybuilder in Beachbody). It was a lot of reps, and on muscles I don't really train. Liked the challenge, but my armpits and chest were sore for days.

Wednesday, September 6th - 30 minute treadmill run

I had every intention of doing the Beast Week Legs workout when I went to the gym at lunch, especially since they have so many weights. But it wouldn't load at all, so I got in a run. Possibly my only run for the week, since hurricane frenzy had already begun.

Thursday, September 7th - Orangetheory: Endurance & installing plywood

Hurricane day off from work, but Orangetheory was open, so I went to get in a class. I silently sighed when it was endurance day, but I needed it. And I got through 450 reps of the 600 rep floor challenge.

After class, I helped my brother put plywood on the windows of his apartment. So more lifting, legs and arms are toast.

Friday, September 8th - Beast Week: Legs

Waited til after lunch to get in my workout, but with the hurricane stress, I needed it. The legs workout from Beast Week already has me feeling it, but with the storm starting tomorrow afternoon, I'll have time to rest off the sore.

Saturday, September 9th - REST DAY
Waiting for the storm to come.

Sunday, September 10th - 10 minute BOD yoga
I downloaded some 10 minute yoga on Beachbody on Demand before the storm. I got restless about 12+ hours in and pulled out my iPad and did a little yoga. The stretching so helped my legs.

Next week is all pending how the hurricane treats us....

Aug 28, 2017

Marathon training (19 weeks out)

Still following my Shaun Week calendar this week. It's an easy long run this week, so that makes it a little better.

Monday - Speed 4.0
It was a late Shaun Week workout on eclipse day. It was tough, but I kinda like the Shaun T speed workouts.

Tuesday - 30 min run
My legs felt heavy for this one, but I got up and got it done.

Wednesday - Dig Deep & 25 Abs
Got these in the evening. Dig Deep was killer. I feel like sometimes I have more energy in the evening to really give these my all. Then I conquered abs too. They were burning.

Thursday - Ripsanity
This is hands down the hardest Shaun Week workout. But I tired to keep up the whole time and kept my weights a little heavier. I know this one will burn later, and the next day I was sore.

Friday - REST
With Grandma's birthday party the next morning, this night was all about party prep. Cake frosting and table settings.

Saturday - 5 miles
Started at 5:30am to get in the miles this week. It seemed slightly cooler, which might have been due to the massive rainstorms all night. Thankfully, it didn't rain at all while I was running. My body felt great, I think it might have to do with the rest day the previous day. My pace was really good. I was done with my run before the sun came up, which was great. I really need it to be cooler all the time.

Sunday - Yoga class
Saw the fight the night before, so it was a late night and I slept in. I had been meaning to sign up for yoga again, so I went and signed up and got in a class. It was restorative yoga, and there were plenty of hip stretches, which were amazing. Just what I needed.

Next weekend I'll be in Orlando for my long run, so I get to run with Kris!

Aug 21, 2017

Marathon training (20 weeks out)

Another week, and more training. It was a big mile week, and this weekend called for 9. But before I got there, here's what the rest of the week had in store.

Monday - 3 Week Yoga Retreat: Flow on the Go

I'm following the Shaun Week month calendar that Shaun T posted on his website. This yoga flow was the perfect workout to stretch out my tired legs. Must get in more yoga.

Tuesday - REST
I has a bad night of sleep, but had every intention of working out after work. I was too tired when the time came, so rest day is what happened instead.

Wednesday - Orangetheory workout

I got up early to get to my 6am Orangetheory class. I feel like it always takes forever to get my heart rate up, but once it's there, I'm good.

Thursday - Leg workout

I didn't get in a morning workout, so I was able to get in a lunch workout with my fitsquad. It was just me and Ani, but we killed leg day.

Friday - 30 minute run

I need to get in a weekday run, and since my long run is on Sunday, Friday was my last chance this week. And I got in a speedy 30 minutes. I was really happy with this run.

Saturday - Orangetheory workout

A killer Saturday morning OTF class. Power day was no joke. My points were insane!

Sunday - 9 miles

And long run time. I got up with my normal 5am Sunday alarm and started to get dressed, when I heard thunder. I checked my weather app, and thunderstorms would be happening for about 2 hours. This was a total no go for a run. Rain is one thing, thunder and rain is another.

Since I needed to get in the miles, I'd have to run in the evening. I figured 6pm would be a good start, as it should be late enough not to have me running in the dark and not in full sun either. The feels like temps were over 100 at about noon, so I'd just have to wait out the day. I got out there at about 5:45pm. The sun was out and there wasn't really much cloud cover. It was humid and the sun was HOT, but I got started.

red faced & HOT
With the heat, I kept close to home and weaved in and out of a bunch of streets. My neighborhood always has a ginormous amount of gnats, and I may have eaten some. I could feel the heat getting bad around mile 3. I stopped at a 7-11 and McDonald's to refill my water bottle. I also did more walking than usual. I was very aware of the heat and keeping hydrated. I was thinking of cutting it by mile 5, but I kept going. It was so close to the end, I wanted to see how far I could go. I noticed what was killing me was the sun, so I tried to go down streets with a lot of tree cover and shade.. Thankfully, by the last mile, the sun was behind some clouds, so I was able to finish.

Another week in the books. Next week is a 4-5 miler, so it will be a nice break. Here's to hoping for no more early thunderstorms.