Oct 12, 2018

BK Beach Run 10k

It's finally race season again! Though with the temperatures and humidity still so high, I'm not sure about getting out there.

This was my first time doing this race, but I figured it would be a nice change of pace. But it was not the change of pace I was looking for.

I got up and headed towards the beach at about 6am. Thankfully, there was no traffic this early. But it being South Beach and all, there were still some stragglers walking back to their hotels after a night out.

I walked over to the start line area, which was right on the beach at about 11th Street.

They had some sand sculptures of Whoppers and Chicken Fries, since the race was sponsored by Burger King.

By this time the sun was rising. The views were amazing. I wanted to get out to the water to take a pic, but I didn't want too much sand in my shoes.

Pretty soon, we were off. The first about 1/4 mile of the race was on the sand. They packed the sand as best as they could, but I was happy to get back onto the pavement.

Then a little before the first mile marker, we started running on the boardwalk. This alternated between pavers and a wooden boardwalk.

I was keeping up a pretty good pace, but tired to slow it down a bit so I could keep going for all 6.2 miles.

We got to the turn off for the 5k, and the 10k kept going along the boardwalk. But let's be serious, it's still summer hot here and the humidity was no joke. We ran all the way past the Foutainbleau Hotel, and then made the turn around to come back.

At this point, it was really hot, but I was trying to keep my pace as best as I could. The water stops after the 5k turn were also only manned by 1 person, and that person was having a hard time keeping up. At one stop, I had to stand and wait for water. This wasn't in my plan.

Then at around mile 4.5, I tripped on a plank on the boardwalk. And that shot my confidence. Thankfully I didn't fall, but it really shook me.

I kept going, then just after mile 5, we ran on the sand again... lack of confidence again. By this time the sun was blaring, and the humidity hadn't let up either. I took more walk breaks than usual, but I was determined to get to the finish.

And I did. But not without some 5k finishers strolling across the finish chute (which was in the sand), while I was trying to sprint to the finish.

Every race isn't the best one. But in the end, this was better than my last 10k. And it's all about getting back into the groove. And praying that it gets cooler around here some time soon.

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