Mar 1, 2007

toile, or "TOILLEY", as my husband pronounces it

i have to admit, i'm a sucker for toile (pronounced "twall"). i just love the stuff, but not in it's traditional uses (though i would love to have some toile-ish decorated room in the future). traditionally, toile is off white with a pastoral scene on it in one color, usually black, blue or red. it's been used as a fabric, but the print has also been done on wallpaper in the past. it's gained a great resurgence lately and you can find toile in different colors and different themes. i even have a toile sewing basket. hmmm.... maybe i can decorate my sewing area in toile. not a bad idea, but i'm sure i'll get another idea for that area in a minute.

well i've sold a couple of toile thing:s a bag and a tote, and i have a little toile pouch with some extra green toile that i just posted today.

i really need to get aronud to making myself one of these "D" pouches, they come in so handy. i want to keep one at my desk at work with some necessities, and one in my bag for a the little stuff, and one as a mini sewing kit, and one as... well the list goes on and on.

well last night, i did rummage through my fabric and pulled a few that i can make some bags out of. i didn't even know i had some of the fabrics i stumbled across. well, since grey's anatomy is a repeat tonight, i'm sure i'll have a chance to get a little more work done, so i'm hoping to have something else to post tomorrow. til then...

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