Aug 7, 2007

going green with dbD

so i posted a while ago about going green. well i've been testing out some fabric grocery bags, and they've worked so well that i decided to make some to post on the dbD store. these bags are repurposed, even better for the environment. i just sewed some fabric over the logo on the bags to make them cuter for you to use! i've been using a bag like this for a few weeks, and i love it. they are as roomy as the plastic grocery bags and much more comfortable to carry than the plastic ones.

the first set was teal & pink dots & stripes(seen above). and they sold out in about 3 or 4 days! i will be making a few more sets that should be posted in the coming week. i've been making these in sets of 3, to allow you to do a good amount of shopping with the bags. i've shopped at the grocery store, the pharmacy and even the craft store with these bags. the bag boys tend to give me looks at first, but they get over it and i use that opportunity to tell them that i'm trying to save our earth. so, i hope you like and use the new dbD grocery totes!

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