Feb 11, 2008

Miami Winter Meeting 2008

So a few weeks back designed by Diana was at the SFDDA's Miami Winter Meeting & Dental Expo. We got some great exposure and our items were seen by lots of new people. We brought in lots of stock for everyone to be able to see what we can do. Here's a peek at our table.

Since I was working registration at the meeting, my mom (and co-designer) ws at the dbD table holding down the fort. She also made a great new cigar box purse for the event. I really love this purse. It's got a great safari theme going on and a great handle that Mom handmade to coordinate with the new purse perfectly. No one snatched this one up at the show, so you'll be seeing it in the store sometime this week.

Overall, it was a great time and we hope to have an even better time at next year's show!

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