Feb 27, 2008

Academy Awards 2008

Sorry my update was late, but as you may have heard, there was a massive power outage in Miami yesterday afternoon and it cut into my regular blogging time. But at last, my take on the Oscars (the awards part).

The 2008 Oscars was all about welcoming back Hollywood and the international cinema.

I was disappointed with the first award, Costume Design. This was the only category that Across the Universe was nominated for, but it lost out to Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Across the Universe is amazing. Beautiful and artistic and Oscar gave it a big cold shoulder.

The acting awards all wet to non-Americans this year. Best Supporting Actress went to Tilda Swinton in Michael Clayton. Her acceptance speech was hilarious (it may have even made up for the ugly dress). She thanked her co-star George Clooney and admired his dedication of wearing the batsuit with the nipples from Batman & Robin. Any reference to the terrible rubber nipples on TV deserves a huge kudos! Our next actor winner was Spaniard, Javier Bardem. His acceptance speech was heartfelt and so touching, especially when he thanked his mother (who was also his date) in Spanish. He thanked her and her parents and grandparents. Javier kicks ass. The Best Actress was Marion Cotillard for her role in Le Vie en Rose. She is just adorable. In her little french accent she thanked everyone and dedicated it to love and life. Then the Best Actor, of course, was Daniel Day Lewis. That Academy sure loves Daniel Day Lewis. I was really rooting for Clooney to finally win an award, but his day will come.

The Coen brothers started collecting the little gold guys early in the night. They took home Oscars for Screenplay - Adapted and they also scored wins for Directing and of course Best Picture for their film No Country for Old Men. I haven't seen this movie yet, but I definitely want to now. Those Coen brothers finally got their Oscar. It was nice to see a new generation of filmmakers get one this year.

No surprise that the Oscar for Original Screenplay went to Diablo Cody, the scribe of the movie with all the buzz, Juno. It was great to see a chick take home this award (or hell any of the biggies at the Oscars). Her win has been overshadowed in the last few days by some charges of "diva-like" behavior dealing mostly with the shoes she was gifted to wear for the red carpet. I hope she doesn't let this get to her and just keep working and putting out good stuff. We need more women in the industry!

Another pair of great new winners were the winners for Original Song, "Falling Slowly" from Once. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova were adorable. These two, again, non-Americans, were adorable and endearing. And a speech about going after your dreams and making art will get me every time.

That pretty much sums up the 2008 Academy Awards. I had a really fun time blogging about the awards, and think I may do it for the big awards shows. So in late August come back for the Emmys. Something I know way better than movies is television, so that one will be fun.

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