Jul 17, 2008

A is for Asian

Here's the first of my ABC posts....

A is for Asian
I noticed last night while trying to think of an A for my blog that I had Asian inspired fabrics all around me.... mostly from Alexander Henry, my favorite fabric designer. This one is called "Koto," though I call it Asian Flair. It's got beautiful flowers, old temples and plenty more Asian things on it. Plus I just love the colors of it... brown and the teals. I'm not one for brown accessories, but a copy of this exact bag was my bag for a while.
I also made a great find when I was cleaning out my fabric stash. I found some more of my "Geisha" fabric. I thought I didn't have any more, but apparently I did. This fabric has been a hit in person, but never seemed to do to well online... strange. But I do love this fabric. And it's been hard to come by for me, cause my JoAnn's is sporadic about ordering it. But there will be some more Geisha bags coming. :)

This weekend I went to Best Buy with my BIL and my hubby. And I got the movie "Flower Drum Song"! I so love this movie. I do have issue with the fact that Nancy Kwon is on the cover instead of Miyoshi Umeki, who is the real star of the movie. Nancy's story is more of a subplot. But anyways I got the movie. I do love a musical and the Rodgers and Hammerstein's are some of my faves. They also did "The King and I ", "Cinderella" and one that no home should be without "The Sound of Music". I haven't gotten a chance to see Flower Drum Song on my new DVD yet, but I can't wait!

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