May 5, 2011

Appreciating the Miami Heat

And I'm not just talking about our fabulous basketball team that just won game 2 of their series against the Celtics! White Hot HEAT! (Sorry for all you haters... hehe)

I'm talking about the actual heat outside, which right now is 86 degrees, but feels like so much more. It's pretty much officially been summer here for at least about 3 weeks now. Going out to lunch is a struggle of heat and trying not to sweat to death before getting back into the car.

But I did have a stroke of luck today. Being a natural redhead, the sun and I are not good friends. Last summer I lost my beloved straw hat that I use for the pool, beach or really anything that involves being outside. Well I just found a great new replacement! Do you like it? I def need this for my hanging at the pool this weekend, which is what my mom wants to do for Mother's Day on Sunday. Plus it's pretty plain, which means I can jazz it up with some DIY flowers or even a cool fabric band to match every outfit.

Now this fabulous hat has to be one way that I can appreciate the Miami sun and heat. Cause wearing something like this in the midwest just might be a bit odd, but poolside, looks just right.

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