May 8, 2011

Art Rock 2011

This year I attended Art Rock, which is another great show put on by Amanda of Stitch Rock. Now this show is more geared towards artists, so designed by Diana really didn't fit the bill. But I convinced (okay maybe strong-armed is a better word) my friend and awesome artist, Eddie Beis, to apply.

setting up the table

This was Eddie's first show, but I told him there was no need to worry, I'd help him every step of the way. So after weeks of back and forth emails, he was finally ready-ish. He had some prints and stickers and some original pieces too. Plus he was doing custom stickers and drawings while you waited.

 working on a custom piece at the show

After I got there with the tablecloths, we set up the table and got ready for the doors to open. I walked around to say hi to some of my crafty friends, then came back to help Ed at his table. Lots of people came by and talked to Ed about his art. He even talked to some aspiring artists and gave them some tips. So many people had such great things to say about his art. It was awesome to see all of the people interested. He got one person who wanted a commission and another that wanted a drawing on the spot. It was awesome.

I'm so glad Eddie got to do this show. I know next year he'll do even better. This was my first time at Art Rock and it was so great to see all the awesome art that comes from local people. 

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