Oct 20, 2011

32 things to do in my 32nd year

I was inspired my my friend Kerry's post on her blog about 35 things she wants to do in her 35th year. (BTW, Happy Birthday Kerry!) Now I admit I tried to do this when I turned 30, but overall, that year was just a big ol' mess, and I just didn't have the time or drive to really get it done. But I'm only a few months (4 to be exact) past my 32nd birthday, so I'm gonna go for it. So here goes....
  1. Go to Paris
  2. Put on my own craft show
  3. Get myself a Mac--this was my bday gift to myself!
  4. Update my ipod to sync with my MacBook
  5. Make myself 6 items of clothing to wear
  6. Get a man mannequin
  7. Have nice pics taken of me for the website/business stuff
  8. Learn to make my own patterns from grandma
  9. Incorporate one of my businesses (probably Handmade Miami)
  10. Learn to give myself a decent mani on my left and right hands
  11. Blog more regularly (about once or twice a week)
  12. Get a proper massage
  13. Learn some French
  14. Get a new tattoo
  15. Learn to take better pics
  16. Karaoke
  17. Go to a museum (thanks for this one Kerry)
  18. Get a pair of awesome beautiful shoes that go with everything
  19. Get back into being green like I was before (no more plastic bags!!)
  20. Get my toes in the Atlantic & the Gulf this year
  21. Throw a big, pretty, themed party (something is already in the plans… ;) )
  22. Send out my designed by Diana newsletter monthly
  23. Create something totally new for the shop
  24. Finish reading the Harry Potter books (I’m on #4)
  25. Go country line dancing again (I haven't since college)
  26. Go to the keys
  27. Make new curtains for my sewing room
  28. Go to a concert
  29. Go to EPCOT
  30. Make pie crust from scratch
  31. Vote in all of the elections for my district (not just the big ones)
  32. Try macaroons
I'll let you know how it goes!

p.s. I'm blogging from my new Macbook, best bday gift ever ;)


    1. yay for a new macbook! i'd love one! my lappy died like 2 years ago! :( thank god i have a computer i can use at work!

      obvs i can help you with #7 and #14 if you'd like!!

    2. oh i'll def take the help! once the craft carnival is over, and i have time to do other things, i think the tattoo is first one the list