Jan 8, 2012

New music, at last

So the awesome cold weather we had in Miami this week apparently decided to bring a massive cold with it too.

It was lovely (please note the sarcasm). I stayed home from work for a day, but felt so bad I didn't even get any sewing done. Before the illness took over my body, I was working on a really awesome new bag for myself. I'm hoping to get it done this week, now that I feel human again.

Today, since I finally am able to breathe freely through both nostrils again, I was able to get some stuff done. I took down the Christmas decorations and cleaned up the craft room a bit. But best of all,  I finally got the music synced on my Mac to my iPod! I'm so psyched to have the new music to listen to in the car now.

I downloaded the new Lady Antebellum "We Own the Night" forever ago, but haven't listened to anything but the first song. I can't wait to jam to some new Lady A. I know everyone knows about Lady Antebellum after their song "Need You Now" became a huge crossover hit. I really love this group. Their first album is just amazing. I know a lot of people, especially here in Miami, say that they don't like country. But just listen to it. It's a great album, regardless of genre. And don't think of it as country, think of it as great music with awesome harmonies that uses slightly different instruments (an occasional fiddle or steel guitar won't kill anyone, I promise!).

I'm so happy that the iPod is ready to work with the Mac now, so I need new music suggestions. So shoot over anything you just can't get enough of right now, I'm in the mood for some new tunes.

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