Jan 21, 2012

Surprise 50th Celebration

It was one of my co-worker's 50th birthday last week, so we wanted to do a little more than the usual cake. We decided to have a breakfast party (with cake as dessert).
our delicious breakfast (with pastelitos & Colombian empandas!)
We found some cute decorations online from the party store. But when I went to the store to buy them, the store was closed. Can you believe they close at 8:30pm on Wednesday nights? What is up with that? Since we had already ordered the cake in the same colors, I decided to DIY it and headed to the dollar store and made some other decorations at home with the help of Photoshop.

Here is my 99 cent wall (actually about $4 worth). Since there were no pink and black streamers, I got some white ones and added a pink and black ribbon to make sure our colors were there.
Here's where the Photoshop magic happened. I made these from scratch on Photoshop. I think I'm getting a little better at Photoshopping, cause the three different designs I used took me less than an hour to create. And I modified them to make them all a little special. 

At last, the cake. It was custom made to match our decor by Cake Designs by JC. My friend has most of her special occasion cakes made by him. His cakes are beautiful and delicious, I can see why she keeps going back to him.

So here's the room all ready for the party to start. Not to bad for some DIY and dollar store goodies. See you can make a party on any budget, you just need to know how and where to use your dollars.

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