Oct 30, 2012


Halloween fun
Watching:  The Daily Show. I catch up on it on Hulu while I'm working. Gotta love some Jon Stewart.

Listening to: Les Miserables. Yes I'm a total musical theater dork and am geeking out with Les Mis before the movie comes out on Christmas.

Thinking about: What exercise I'm gonna get into now. My trainer is taking a break for the holidays, but I want to stay toned and still active. I'm gonna attempt to run/walk with Monica's Pile on the Miles. I did 2 miles Sunday morning. Wish me luck. And feel free to recommend any strength training I can work in too.

Also thinking about all of those affected by Sandy. Be safe and listen to the warnings you're given, it's for your safety!

Wishing: It was next week already, so I could be on my way to Disney World. I'm taking a little trip to visit the mouse with Mom and Grandma. Grandma hasn't been in years, so I'm sure it will be fun.

Loving: That it's finally fall! It finally cooled off here in Miami (it's in the 60s this morning... brrr!) and starting to really feel like the holidays are coming. I might have to adjust my Halloween costume for the weather, cause it's just a tank top and a tutu.

Reading: Right now just mostly blogs, but I'm thinking of starting Harry Potter 4 again or possibly A Modern Witch.

Making me happy:  Halloween candy, making costumes, my crazy friends, cooler weather, doing my hair in crazy styles...


  1. you should read a modern witch i really liked them now the new one will be out at christmas! and you can see how her characters can remind you of my different kids too!

    1. It was only 99 cents on the Kindle store, so I bought it. I'll start reading prob tomorrow while I wait for trick or treaters.