Nov 20, 2012

Yoanna's surprise birthday party

My friend Yoanna was tunring the big 4-0 a couple of weeks ago, so her sister, Janet, asked us to help plan a suprise party for her.

We all work in the same place, so we had to be extra sneaky with the planning around the office, but luckily it came off without a hitch.

The party was at Janet's house, by her gorgeous pool. We went with black and purple for the decor, which looked really elegant at night. And I just loved the lights over the pool.
Yoanna didn't suspect a thing and was in total shock! She thought she was just going to a nice restaurant for dinner, but came right into her party.

We had an awesome time putting all of this together and celebrating Yoyo.

I have so much fun with these girls. We spent the night sipping on cosmos and lychee martinis and danced the night away.

We definitely decided we have to plan another party soon. We have the DJ and the bartender, all we need now is the occassion.

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