Jul 11, 2013

Playing with washi tape

I just had the urge to do a little crafting last night, so I decided to finally personalize my mini journal. I ordered these a while back, and they were just plain board, but there were endless possibilities to make it really my own.

I looked through my non-sewing related craft supplies and found some washi tape that I still hadn't used. Washi tape is a Japanese decorated tape, kind of like masking tape. But, very pretty masking tape.

I grabbed the washi tape and some old school Crayola markers and got to work. My tape wasn't that thick, I was just covering up a mistake I made. See, you can really make a mistake into a design element.

I covered up the spine of the notebook with washi tape too. I have a slight obsession with neat ends. I love how my little notebook looks now, it's so much more me!

I think I may need to order more washi tape after finally using it I can see why other crafters love it. You can give something personality so easily, with just a little tape.

Have you ever used washi tape?

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