Nov 12, 2014

2014 Wine & Dine Half Marathon weekend: Part 1

It was finally time for the 2014 RunDisney Wine & Dine Half Marathon weekend. This was my second half marathon, with the added fun of a 5k the morning before my marathon. Was I crazy? Yes! But it all got done, and it was a great, fun time.

I arrived in Orlando on Friday afternoon, and was able to get a great massage before heading with Kris to the expo. I love going to the expo. I always end up wanting to buy everything! But I only got my "I Did It!" shirt, a new 13.1 magnet, and some shot bloks. I also forgot my waist pouch to carry my phone, so I had to get a new one. I got one from Fitletic and it even had a bib holder, it was perfect for my phone and bib and was super comfy.

After the expo, Kris and I headed to Hollywood Studios to join up with Kris's charity team (she was running with Homes for Our Troops this year) for the group dinner. Eddie and Kris's friend Larry, who was also running, met up with us too. They took us inside Hollywood Studios to an old prop shop in the backlot and where we had a really tasty dinner. After the dinner we got to take some pics with the cool props that were decorating the space.

We left the dinner and Kris, Eddie, and I decided we needed to ride the Tower of Terror before we left, so as we headed that way, and then we noticed the lights. It was the first night of the Osbourne Family lights at Hollywood Studios. It was a little chilly, so between that, the lights, and the music, it felt like Christmas. It was the best surprise.

We headed to the Tower of Terror, screamed our heads off, and Kris and I headed back to the hotel. We stayed at the All-Star Sports Resort. We got there and turned in early, cause we had the Jingle Jungle 5k in the morning.

We woke up bright and early at 4am to get ready and be on the last bus by 5am. It was chilly, so we put on some long sleeves, compression socks and got out there.

We got there on the last bus, but still had over an hour to kill before the race, so we got into the line to get a picture with Mickey and Minnie. They were dressed in their holiday safari gear, so cute!

After waiting forever for that pic, it was time to get into the corral. I had corral C, but Kris (using Mom's bib, cause Mom wasn't able to do the race) had corral D. Since you can only move back in corrals, and not up, we moved to corral D. This was the last corral, and since we planned on walking the 5k, we moved all the way to the front of the corral to make sure we wouldn't be too far back.

Then with a big wave from Mickey and Minnie, we were off into the Animal Kingdom.

We got to walk through the Animal Kingdom as the sun was coming up. It was a gorgeous sunrise by the Tree of Life.

And in RunDisney fashion, there were tons of characters along the route!

We felt great as the sun finally warmed us up and finished feeling great from our 3.1 mile walk. We crossed the finish line, and got our cute holiday themed medals.

After the race we got a great breakfast (I wanted some eggs!), and headed to pick up some ponchos. The forecast said that night would be raining, and we wanted to get ready for that just in case. We headed back to our hotel where Eddie met us with the kids! They loved the hotel and the football field outside our room. We relaxed for a while, then grabbed lunch. After that Eddie and the kids headed to the arcade, while Kris and I napped. We needed some rest after that early morning and then the late race later in the evening.

Thankfully, we were able to sleep. I remember trying to nap last year and not being able to get calm enough to really sleep. I guess the race was no big deal now, cause I passed out. It was a great nap. Then all too soon, it was time to get ready for the big event.

And my half marathon recap will be up tomorrow!

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