Jan 6, 2017

2017 Running Goals

I'm a runner. There, I really said it. People ask me about running. People ask me when my race is. And just today I gave a facebook friend a tip since this is one of her first races (told her not to post her whole bib pre-race. Beware the race bandits!). So it's official, I run, I'm a runner.

And this runner has been thinking about her running goals for this year. These are big scary goals people. Like really racing, really training, get faster, get the hell out there goals. And if I tell everyone, ok mainly you, my lovely readers, I gotta do it right? So here goes....

2017 Running Goals

1. Run 500 miles this year.
This is totally doable. I've been adding in mid-week runs, and as long as I stay strong through the heat of summer (I noticed that last June I totally slacked, but August was good....).

2. Mid-week runs.
I have them on the schedule, and I need to get them in. They really do make a difference, even when they are slow and easy.

3. Keep getting faster.
Really work on my speed (and investigate how to really do that), and keep going faster!

4. Race in a new state.
Got New Orleans and Chicago already on the slate, so this is happening!

5. New half PR.
Looking for a race to aim for that PR. Probably in the fall.

And my so far races for this year... (Which I'm all actually registered for, cause I love me a sale.)
January 29th - Tropical 5k
February 5th - Rock n' Roll New Orleans Half Marathon
March 4th - Best Damn Race 10k Orlando
April 21st - Star Wars: Dark Side 5k
July 15th - Rock n' Roll Chicago 5k
July 16th - Rock n' Roll Chicago Half Marathon
November 23rd - Turkey Day 10k

Wish me luck and here's to running my ass off this year.

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