May 15, 2017

ALS Lou Gehrig's 10k Race Recap

So, I have apparently now become added to the mailing lists of evert single race out there. Which means, sometimes I'll just click on it to see how much it is. And when I saw that this race was only $30, I decided to sign up and go for it. I knew it would be hot, but at least I'd be getting out there for a run.

Of course, Jenn would have a 10k that same morning on the other side of the country. So we coordinated outfits to be matchy 3000 miles away.

The next morning I headed out to Coconut Grove for the race. I've done another 10k in the Grove, and it's a nice course. I was hoping it'd be the same one.

I parked a little farther out than I would have liked, which meant that I'd have to run with my commemorative shirt in my pocket. Not ideal, but I wouldn't have time to get to the car and then back again for the start.

At last the anthem played and we were off. As usual in a small race, I'm at the total way, way back of the pack as the race started and I get in my 5 mintue warmup. But soon enough I start to pass people. I had a goof pace going as we passed through the main part of the Grove.

It was getting warm for this race. Like hot warm, this is Miami after all. It's a swamp in the Caribbean. But the one thing that is good about this course is the tree cover on the middle stretch of the course. Down Main Highway and through some of the neighborhoods, the trees give much needed shade.

I kept up a good pace, and wanted to keep going, but not gonna lie, that last part of the course, as we head back to the marina. The trees are gone, and that sun gets HOT. But I know it's so close to the end. And finally that last stretch and I booked it towards that finish line. I gave it all I had and emptied my tank to get there.

I really gave it all and with the heat, I felt a little lightheaded. I went and stood in the shadow of the paramedic truck. I needed the shade, and might as well be close, just in case. But I drank some water and felt better. So, I walked over and got some munchies and water. What a difference that made.

I hung around the results for a bit to see how I did, and wouldn't you know it? A 10k PR!

I couldn't have been more shocked or grateful for that PR. Especially after feeling it at the end. I was glad to get a reward for that hard work.

At long last, I made it back to my car and cranked the AC. Nothing like blasting that cold AC. What a relief!

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