Jul 7, 2017

July 4th 5k 2017 Recap

I signed up for a July 4th race again this year. Luckily, they only had the 5k option this year. Last year it was entirely too hot for a 10k. This, of course, didn't mean that  it wouldn't be insanely hell hot this year.

And hot was an understatement. I did 10 miles on Monday, the day before the race, cause I couldn't get in a Sunday run. And that run was hard, even though I started in the dark.

I woke up early on America's birthday, threw on my red, white, and blue, and headed to Indian Hammocks Park (which is luckily about 2 miles from my house).

It was already hot and humid, and after the feels like temps in the 100s over the weekend, I was happy that it was only 3.1 miles.

I got to the park, and picked up my bib there. I just lost track of time the day before and didn't make it to packet pickup. I grabbed my bib and shirt. The shirts for this race were Brooks shirts. That was a nice surprise.

At 7:04 exactly (a rarity that a Miami race starts on time), we were off. This course takes us through the park out to 117 Avenue, back up a side road to 107 Avenue, then back through the park to the opposite side from the start to the finish line. There was a bit of thunder before we began, but no rain while I was running. Thankfully, there was some cloud covery, so the sun wasn't blaring on me. But, the humidity was nasty. That thick air kinda slowed me down, but I tried not to let it get to me.

I did pretty well with my new 1 mintue/30 second intervals. I only skipped half of one interval, cause hell, I needed it. Then I was at the finish back inside the park and ready for some water, and watermelon.

That's the one very summery thing about this race, the watermelon at the finish. I hung out for a bit to see my results, and I was only a tad bit slower than my PR. Not too bad considering the heat.

The medals were two sided and super cute. I signed up for this race as part of a series. The next one is on Labor Day weekend, and then I have the last 5k for Veteran's Day. I think the medals all come together somehow.

A rarity for a summer race here in South Florida, cause obviously, it's crazy hot. But this is a great little race. And I can't pass it up when it's so close to my house too.

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