Jul 17, 2007

go green

so with all the inconvient truths and such, recently i've tried to live more green. we have always recycled at our house and my parents do too, but i have made more changes that have helped me and the earth.

first was changing the bulbs to CFLs. the compact flourescent lightbulbs have improved a lot over the years. i recommend getting the 75 watt equivalents to replace your 60 watt incandescent bulbs. they are a bit brighter, but still only waste a fraction of the energy. and another plus, they last 7 years! can you believe that? 7 years? i've replaced 4 bulbs in my house with the CFLs. the 4 most used lights, the kitchen, the dining room, a lamp in the living room and the exterior light. and just these 4 lightbulbs have made a difference in my power bill. how much do you think i've saved? $10? $20? try about $40 each month! the bulbs do cost a bit more that regular incandescents, but the savings are well worth it.

my next green change was making fabric bags to take to the store instead of getting way too many of those plastic ones. yes the people at all the stores look at me strangely when i do get out my bags and tell them to use them, but i tell them that i'm doing my part to save the earth. and on the rare occassion that i do forget my shopping bags, i have them bag in the fewest amonut of plastic bags. a gallon of milk already has a handle, so i don't need a bag for that. my prescription at the pharmacy can be tucked into my purse. these little things are making less waste of the plastic bags that use petroleum to be made and take forever to decompose.

my next green change was an easy one. i brought a reusable mug to my office. now for my water and coffee i won't be using a disposable cup that makes more waste. just a rinse and i'm ready to go. and the mug that i have is insulated, so cold stays cold and hot stays hot waaay longer. and my mug is cute and blue, so i like walking around with it.

my next green change is also one here at work. i'm gonna start taking the stairs more often. it'll help use less energy, and it's better for me too! i also want to try to make a little veggie/herb garden in my backyard. i think growing things myself will increase my eating of the veggies, plus, i won't have to buy some that was flown in from across the country.

these are all small changes that anyone can make. they don't hurt, i promise! i hope all of you start to take the steps to try to save this planet of ours. i want to keep this place around for everyone!

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