Jul 16, 2007

new things are a brewing...

this weekend was chock full of new things brewing up for designed by Diana. i will soon have a full website at designedbyDiana.com. i'm still working on it, but i hope to have it up this week. it's very exciting. i'll get to post more pics for you all to see and you can even read a bit more about what makes dbD tick. and there'll be a link to the blog so you don't miss a minute of my madness.

my brothers' band, space station 5, is going on tour this week, so i made them some tote bags to sell as merchandise. the last ones i made them sold rather well, so version 2.0 will be hitting the road with them on wednesday. i'm also giving them some flyers to see if more bands would like some totes made.

and on a more personal note, i started a new bag for myself. i'm trying out a new pattern, new handles, the whole shebang. needless to say, i ran into numerous snags, and the bag frustrated me so much, that i had to put it aside for fear of killing either the bag, my sewing machine or both. so tonight, i will finish my attempt. keep your fingers crossed that it works!

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