Dec 5, 2007

thanksgiving (a little late i know!)

so i had a great thanksgiving. rubs went to NC to spend it with his brother, but i stayed down here to eat mom's awesome food. and i took some pics so you could see it. of course, we're not a go out and buy it type of crowd, we're totally DIY!

here's the centerpiece my mom and i made from the flowers that my grandma got from her flower lady. came out pretty good i think. we totally improvised it with a bowl vase from mom's house. that baby's breath looking stuff was nice, but it was shedding all over the table.

i took beauty shots of the food, mostly because my apple pie looked so great. here are paula deen's bacon wrapped breadsticks that grandma saw on the food network and wanted us to make. she just loves that paula deen! we also had corn with butter. mom spent all day shucking that corn and all night churning the butter... jk yummy! mom did get all fancy this year and used the turkey drippings for her gravy.

now the piece de resistance, the turkey. our traditional mojo basted turkey. and not that bottled mojo... mom makes her mojito with fresh garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and secret spices. then she stuffs it with her arroz con picadillo stuffing. (and there's always some extra for lunch on thankgiving day).

and at last the whole spread. in addition to the turkey, arroz and picadillo stuffing, corn, breadsticks and gravy, we also had, congri, garlic mashed potatoes, boniato, sweet potato casserole, broccoli and cheese, cornbread stuffing, cranberry sauce, salad and dinner rolls. it was some great eating.

i hope you left room for dessert! cause here is my apple pie! i use martha stewart's old fashioned apple pie recipe and it came out awesome! not too sweet and tall and beautiful (if i do say so myself). it called for 12 granny smith apples, but i only had 11. i couldn't imagine trying to shave another apple in there!

after we were all good and stuffed we went home to watch betty & grey's. i slept over at mom's so we could go to the black friday sales. we got some great deals and slept when we got home after that. i hope everyone had a great turkey day and is having a great holiday season!

p.s. Happy Hanukkah!

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