Jul 28, 2008

C is for Caution!

C is for the events of the weekend, thankfully caution was taken to ensure safety for all.

the first Caution was my dental cleaning. everything went great, my teeth looked fabulous, except for that shadow in the x-ray. another xray showed that i totally needed a root canal. the dentist told me that he'd try to just do a filling, but once he got in there he had to do the root canal. they had an appointment later in the day, so i took it and called into work. luckily i had no pain, before or after. just goes to show you that regular dental appointments do save you from pain.

the other weekend Caution was the bees. saturday we had seen bennu, our cat, playing with a bug. nothing out of the ordinary. til we noticed it was a bee. we saw like 3 or 4 more. then on sunday as i left to get lunch, i saw the swarm on the outside of the house. we called my dad, and he said to use the wasp & hornet spray. we also called my mother-in-law's and her husband told us to use the spray or call a beekeeper. we chickened out of the spraying, since we had no idea if either of us was allergic, so we called willie the bee man. willie came over and got rid of all of the bees, including the hive they had built inside the walls of my porch! they had only been there a day or 2, and there were 10,000 of them. luckily, i haven't seen any more bees, except a few stragglers, which will move on, according to willie.

that is about it for my Caution weekend, except for one more thing. i should have used more caution after the bee man left. i was walking around the inside of the house, and one of the half dead bees was on the floor, i didn't notice, so i was stung in the bottom of the foot. not a pleasant experience at all. apparently, i'm not allergic, but boy did it hurt. note to self: wear shoes after exterminating bees!

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