Jul 31, 2008

D is for designed by Diana!

Of course, D is for designed by Diana. I'll show you where all the magic happens....
Now, I didn't do this intentionally, but designed by Diana's initials dbD also happen to be my initials (DBD)... crazy, isn't it?

Here is my craft area. Since we only have a two bedroom home, I've taken up a little corner in the master bedroom as my dbD area.
I've just re-vamped my craft area after  getting some great gifts for my birthday, including a new table. As you can see, I have my regular sewing machine out and under the white cover is my serger. Both of my machines are kenmores. I love them and couldn't do a thing without them! My iron and ironing board are in the corner. 
I also have a thread rack on the wall and a magnet strip above my machines. I highly recommend getting one of these (especially since it's only 99 cents!). The magnet strip is so useful for holding pattern instructions at eye level. I just used mine for this over the weekend and I can't believe it took me so long to figure this one out. 
Another great tip for organization is to get a flatware caddy to hold your sewing notions. I bought one years ago for my sewing area, and it's the perfect place to hold all the pens, pencils, seam gauges, and scissors. They are all neatly together. Though I have a small area, I try to fit as much as I can in there and I do produce a lot from my "corner office."
Stay tuned for the letter "E." It's coming up soon!

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  1. Damn, u guys redid your bedroom? Your corner looks ABFAB! By the way, D, put me on follow on your blog, so that way we can track each other! I added you already!