May 26, 2009

O is for OPEN

The designed by Diana website store is now open for business!

This store will feature web-only exclusives and very limited edition items. So you'll have to check back often to see what is there.

Our first items are a few great customs that I've done for a few people. And now here they are for everyone to enjoy:

Firstly, for all the brides-to-be out there, my "Toss Me" Garter Set. This is a matching set of 2 garters, one to keep and one to toss. They are made of satin and hand embroidered with your monogram. This is a great keepsake for your wedding and even a great gift for any friends that are getting married. This item is custom made when the order is received, so it will take at least 2 weeks before it is ready to ship. We can make it in blue (for your "something blue") or a variety of colors to match your wedding. I first made this garter set for my friend, Erica, who is about to celebrate her first wedding anniversary. They were the perfect addition to her wedding ensemble, and they are sure to be a great addition for anyone.

Next, we have the dbD Lunch Bag. I created this lunch bag for myself. I got so many compliments in the lunchroom at the office, that I took a few orders for more. I'm really proud on the design of this one. It's made in our cool dbD prints and is lined with ripstop nylon for easy cleanup. The bag is also interfaced and lined with insulated batting, so it'll keep your food cold or hot (just not both at the same time!). I made it large enough to hold an entree size tupperware and you'll still have plenty of room for snacks. These lunchboxes are great for kids and adults. This lunchbox can be customized in any of our dbD fabrics, so if you want a custom one, just contact me and I'll get one started for you. Bringing your lunch never looked so cool.

I hope you like the items up on the new website. Some new items are in development and will be coming to the website store soon.

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