May 15, 2009

N is for New

My new website is up, finally! I've been working on it and I'm pretty happy with how it came out. It's still the same URL:

I'm really liking this new site, and I hope you do too!
This new site has a new and improved photo gallery. You'll get to see some custom items, events, and even my studio. We also have the dbD blog, a little info about dbD, and all our contact info. Plus I have a page for all of my favorite links, so check them out and see if you find some new faves too.
This new site also has a store, which will be opening next week. My etsy store will still be the main place to get the majority of the items, but I'll have some surprises on this store for all of you. Just stay tuned and you'll hear all about it. And there is a link to my etsy store on the store page of the site, so all you have to remember is

I'd love to hear what you think about the site! So just comment below and let me know!

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