May 10, 2009

M is for Mom!

Alas, Mother's Day is upon us once again. And after racking my brain for gift ideas for all the moms in my life, I got inspired and made up something oh-so-cute for Mom and the MIL.

This year the ladies got some great girlie movies. But this is Mother's Day, I couldn't whole-heartedly just wrap up the DVD and call it a day! So I made them each themed giftboxes with little trinkets that went along with the theme of their movie.

First my Mother-In-Law, Ana. I got her "Hope Floats." So to package it all up, I got a little wooden crate and lined it with straw. With a paint pen, I wrote "My cup runneth over" on one side and "Hope is the stuff that floats to the top" on the other (both are lines from the movie). I draped over a bandana print fabric that I had to line the box. Then in went the DVD. I also made her a Flower Pen Pot. It had yellow flowers, just like the ones Justin Matisse gives to Birdee at the end of the movie. I was gonna make the galvanized pitcher into a candle, but i worried about the narrow mouth and a flame. So I filled it up with sugar-free chocolates. I wanted to give this one a very country feel. I know she'll like it, it's totally her style! I'm not sure if she's seen Hope Floats, but I know she'll love it.

Now onto Mom's gift box. She got "My Fair Lady." Her box was a hat box, cause Eliza wears some great hats in the movie. Didn't think I'd be able to actually get a hat box, but I found one! On the side of the box, I wrote "Wouldn't it be lover-ly" (from one of the songs in the movie). Then I filled it up with pink tissue paper. Mom also got a pen pot, but her flowers were more pink/purple, like the ones Eliza sold in the beginning of the movie. Then I made her a teacup candle, cause everyone knows a lady drinks tea. The box got adorned her box with black and white ribbons, just like on Eliza's "Going to the Races" outfit. It's so cute and I know Mom will get it.

Now, since I know the ladies will be reading this, I won't divulge the price, but needless to say they were very affordable and a great way to jazz up a DVD for anyone. Plus, I got to try out some great new crafts. The pen pot was seen on and the candle cups are from Martha Stewart. So easy and so fun to make. This would make a great gift for anyone. Just vary the movie and the trinkets to go with it. I can't wait to make more of these, now I just need a reason!
And to all the Moms out there, "Happy Mother's Day!"

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