Oct 4, 2009

S is for Stitch Rock!

Once again designed by Diana was at Stitch Rock in Delray Beach, FL. I can't say enough good things about this show. It's definitely my favorite show of the year!

I was really bummed this year cause I didn't make it in the initial cut of vendors for Stitch Rock. But I got an email a few weeks ago, that there was a space available for me because of a cancellation. I was so ecstatic, you have no idea. So I got the sweatshop working in full effect and sewed my butt off. (Muchisimas gracias a Abuela por toda la ayuda con los delantares pequenos!-Tons of thanks to Abuela for her help with the half aprons!)

I had an upstairs booth this year, so I thought I wouldn't do as well as last year, but boy was I wrong. We had tons of customers come by. The new booth setup and concentration on my retro-inspired aprons really made a difference I think. This year I wanted people to be able to walk into the booth and shop like they were in a tiny boutique. So I set up my table along one side and the clothes rack in the back corner. This way the customers can walk right in, take a look, chat a little, and even try on their aprons without being in the way of the traffic in the aisles. I have to say that I do love this set up and will definitely be using it more often. I also got a new mannequin that is awesome to use for the shows. Thanks again to Mimi for the mannequin. I love the professional look it gave the booth. This mannequin still is not named, so if anyone has any great name ideas for her, just leave a comment.

There was a line around the block before the show opened. And that line lasted til about 2 hours into the show. People love their Stitch Rock! The need for handmade goodies is definitely apparent here in South Florida. The other vendors were all awesome too. Tons of cool items and handmade goodies you can't find anywhere else. If you want to shop some of the best crafters and indie goodies in South Florida, Stitch Rock is the place to go. It may sound a bit far for us Miami-ans, but the hour drive into adorable downtown Delray Beach is so worth it. (Plus, there was barely any traffic!) And check out the vendor list on their website to order some of the goodies from my fellow Stitch Rockers.

This year poet, Renda Writer, performed some of his poetry during the show. It was cool to have a performance going on. And as you can see from the picture, the shopping was still in full effect!

Also this year, I submitted one of my Retro D Aprons to be in the Stitch Rock fashion show. It was so awesome to see my work out there on the stage. The only thing that sucked is that my pictures of the fashion show came out terribly. But at least the aprons got tons of exposure.

As always Mom was there as my trusty assistant. And she even brought some of her crafts too. Moms handmade scarves were a hit, even her in warm South Florida. People just couldn't resist the cool textures and awesome colors of them.

Thanks to all the customers that bought some designed by Diana goodies. We sold a little bit of everything, bags, wallets, pouches, aprons and scarves. I'm so happy to know a lot of designed by Diana goodies have great new homes.

And a great big thanks to Amanda for once again putting on a great show. Having been to a few other shows throughout the year, I always compared them to Stitch Rock, and the well-organized, well-run show that Amanda puts on every year. Keep it up Amanda!! And see you there next year.

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