Mar 29, 2010

Odd Duck Handmade Bazaar

This past Saturday, March 27th, was the first Odd Duck Handmade Bazaar in Davie, Florida. It was hosted by the Hollywood Craft Mafia and sponsored by Whole Foods, JoAnn, WeMerge and ReadyMade.

Mom and I drove up from Miami to Davie for the show, but not as vendors, just as regular show attendees. We got there in about 45 minutes, but totally passed the entrance for the parking the first time. So we made a quick u-turn and went right in. The show was at the Old Davie Schoolhouse, a historic building. We got in line, paid our $5 entrance fee and got our cute Odd Duck goodie bags (a perk for being one of the first hundred people there). The goodie bags were fabric totes (which I love cause I can use it later as a shopping bag) filled with promos and goodies from the vendors we were about to see.

First we went into the Cafeteria room downstairs. The aisles were a bit narrow to get around in there, but there were some great vendors. There were cool vinyl wallets and pouches from Slaughterhead and awesome glass jewelry from Andrea C Glass Art. I'm a little too in love with their apple necklace. Cementery Prints had gorgeous photography prints of cementeries (which were gorgeous and not as morbid as it sounds). And cool, bright modern jewelry that was so my style was from craft=therapy. There were also plenty of eats, lots of goodies and coffee from Undergrounds CoffeeHaus. Plus, up on the stage they had DIY craft tables. For a small fee you could "Make Your Own Terrarium" or "Make Your Own Odd Duck." Pretty cool.

Then we moved to the next building, the Auditorium room upstairs. This room was bright and the aisles were larger. Some of my faves sellers were up there. Frances and Julie from Mindy & Lola had some cute new bibs at their table. And Sherry from Annie's Cupboards had adorable new silhouette fascinators, which she told me were inspired by Lady Gaga... doesn't she look cute in hers?! And, as always, HumbleBumbleB had their awesome vintage-inspired hats. They even had new cloche hats too.

We discovered some great new vendors up there too. Treasured Tape had some of the best duct tape wallets I have ever seen. Unless they told me I would have never thought it was just duct tape and paper. The vendor that made a huge impression was Reclaim2Fame. Their booth was awesome. They took old items and made them into robots! Coffee cans, lunchboxes, cameras, even viewfinders turned into the cutest little robots. They so reminded me of Wall-E. Another great booth was The Beer Soap Company. Their soaps, which were all made from beer, were great. Some of them did smell like beer, but some, like Mom's favorite "How Stella Got Her Brew Back," just had a nice clean scent to them. As we were looking at the soaps someone asked how they were made, but they said it was a family secret!

They were announcing the door prizes about every hour, though Mom and I didn't win any. They also had a raffle being held at the Whole Foods table for lots of different items. Later in the afternoon there was a DIY demo on how to turn an old t-shirt into a tote.

This was a great new show here in my neck of the woods. It's nice to see more indie craft fairs popping up in the area. And it was great to see so many cool crafters from South Florida doing what they do best. A big thanks and keep it up to the Hollywood Craft Mafia!


  1. I had such a great time vending this show. I do agree it was packed downstairs. I totally recommend shopping this show and vending. ITS just so fun! XO

  2. We had such a great time... I feel in love with our booth neighbors.. the pickle ladys and there yummy pickles (they made this pregnant lady very happy!) We all agree downsatairs was a bit tight, but i think that they are looking at other spaces for next year. It was a great turnout... and a great time! We were glad you came by!