Apr 12, 2010


This Saturday, April 10th, was the first Make-A-Long hosted by Leethal. I thought it was a great idea, so I tried to make-a-long too, I didn't do a whole 24 hours, my making-a-long was more in spurts, but I was able to finish 2 projects that had been on my list for a while.

I started the make-a-long at about 4pm-ish on Saturday. I wanted to make the Tinkerbelle pajamas that I had bought the supplies for after Christmas. So I started by cutting out the pattern. I also measured myself and adjusted the pattern to fit my short frame. I went back and forth measuring both myself and the pattern, hoping I got it right, since this is the first time I've adjusted a pattern like this. I started out with the pants, since I figured it was easier. I cut out the pattern and then laid it out on the fabric and cut it out. I was interrupted for dinner. The aunts and uncles came over too, so I chatted with them for a bit. But by the time the started playing loteria at about 8pm, I was back to my making.

I started to sew my pajama pants together. It went rather smoothly (so shocking to me since I have no confidence when making clothes). After I stitched together all the major seams, I tried the pants on to make sure they fit over my hips. They fit great and the length adjustments I had made seem to be perfect. Then, I pulled out my serger to finish the edges. I made the casing and inserted the elastic. Now all I had left was the cuffs. I went into my old fabric stash to see if I had anything that would look ok for the cuffs. I found a purple gingham that worked perfectly. I cut out the cuffs and then took a small break to server some pound cake and ice cream (and eat some too). Then I went back to my pants. The length came out perfectly. I'm so glad I looked at the finished garment measurements on the pattern pieces. I made the pants a size larger so I could have room to move, since they are PJ pants after all. I was just missing the ribbon detail, since I didn't have a ribbon I could use for it.

I proudly showed off my cute new PJ pants and then I went off to the computer to print the pattern for my next project. The project was a play apron for my nephew, Xander. I bought vinyl tablecloth material for the apron, so when he was finger painting or whatever else, it could easily be wiped off. I used the Montessori child's apron pattern that I found online. I printed and prepared the pattern, but sleep was getting the best of me, so I called it a night.

The next morning I was ready to make-a-long some more. So I made myself a scrambled egg sandwich (which counts for the make-a-long, since I made it!), and got to work on the apron. I cut out the vinyl and then went back to my old stash of fabrics to look for a little bit of navy to use for the straps. I found a couple of choices and picked the one that matched best and cut out the straps. I went over to the machine, changed my thread and got going. I made the straps and pinned everything in place on the apron. Then I took a short break to go buy supplies. I picked up Mom and we went over to JoAnn's. I got some supplies for orders for the store and also grabbed the ribbon I needed for the pajamas. We also got some paper for the menus and DVD covers Mom and I are making for the family reunion next weekend. After that, I stopped at the grocery store to get some dog food. When I got back home the dog and I had lunch, and then I got back to making. I finished up the apron in no time. It's so cute. I can't wait to send it to him.

I was on a making roll and didn't want to stop the momentum, so I decided to start making the pajama top. I had everything I needed to complete it. I shortened the pattern, like I did to the pants, and got to cutting. I wasn't sure I would have enough fabric for the long sleeve version (which is the one I wanted), but I did. So I went to it. This was a first time making a shirt like this with a collar and facings, but it wasn't as hard as I thought. It was also nice that it was a pajama, so there was no need for it to be fitted. I got most of it assembled and then stopped for dinner. My brothers came over, so I chatted with them for a while, and then got back to making. It was coming out great. I finally got the hem and buttonholes done. I finally turned off the machines and sat in bed to sew on the buttons. I was all done by about 10pm. Not too shabby for my first time.

I'm so glad I got these projects done. All I have left to do is add the ribbon accents to the pajama pants.

The make-a-long was a great excuse to get my sewing stuff done. I ended up doing about 18 hours of making-a-long and had a great time doing it. Next time I hope to do it straight through and not have so many interruptions. I can't wait to make-a-long again!

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