Mar 8, 2010

Oscars 2010: The Fashion

Here it is, the 2010 Academy Awards. I do love the Oscars, and let's be serious, half of the fun is watching the red carpet. So here's my take on this years fashions, the trends, the best and most fun, the worst.

It looks like the more subdued looks from the past few years are out, cause bigger and bolder statements seem to be in on the red carpet now.

One of the major trends on this year's carpet was ruffles. There were tons of ruffles on lots of dresses.

First we have Demi Moore looking as eternally youthful as ever--she even looks younger than her daugthers. She worked the ruffle trend in her peach Atelier Versace.

Another one that really worked the ruffles was fellow presenter and host of the Academy's Technical Awards, Elizabeth Banks. Her pale blue/violet Versace had a fitted top and a skirt full of ruffles. I also really liked Elizabeth's simple chignon accented with a glittery headband. When you're sporting all those ruffles you gotta keep the rest simple.

Now I don't know why, but the Academy insists on involving Jennifer Lopez in the ceremony. And this year, I wasn't completely upset with her dress. Though it would have looked way better on someone less hippy, I was happy with Jennifer's light pink Armani Privé. The strapless gown, with very architectural details at the top is given plenty of femininity with the ruffles cascading down the skirt. These larger ruffles sure did make a statement on the carpet.

And last but certaintly not least, there was Zoe Saldana. I have to say that Zoe definitely had one of the most memorable dresses of the night. I would have liked the fit to be better and then she probably would have made my best dressed list. But the waist just didn't look right to me. The top of her Givenchy Haute Couture gown was studded in crystals. Then she was wrapped in a lilac gown that ended with tons and tons of obmred ruffles in darker and darker shades of purple.

Another trend, that my grandma noticed was the updos. From simple chingons to french twists, buns to more elaborate designs, updos seem to be back. Mo'Nique adorned her updo with gardenias in honor of the first African-American Academy Award winner, Hattie McDaniel. Others used clips, brooches and other pretty sparkles in their dos. Some, like Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Jessica Parker left their dos look all messy in the front. Personally, this gave them an "I did it myself and didn't know what I was doing" look to them, but I guess it was intentional. Overall I think the more adorned dresses this year made the updos the perfect compliment to let the fashion and the beauties wearing them really shine.

Now here we go my best and worst dressed. I had a hard time choosing 5 for each category, but after whittling it down, here it is. First, the Best Dressed Men:

5. Bradley Cooper in Tom Ford
A classic tux on a great looking guy. The addition of the vest gives it a bit if something different without taking it too far.

4. Gerard Butler in Gucci
Gerard Butler seems to be everywhere right now. It's like you can't turn around without seeing him. This tux is perfectly tailored for him.

3. Tom Ford in Tom Ford
The first-time director has the great luck of also being a designer. He didn't need to look very far for his tux. The pocket square and white flower are perfect accents to his shawl collar tux. Classic Hollywood.

2. Chris Pine in Ralph Lauren Purple Label
They call him Chris "Fine" for this exact reason. He looked great flying in space, but we all know a tux will only make a good looking man look even better.

1. Ryan Reynolds in Tom Ford
Who would have ever thought that Van Wilder would clean up this good. Rocking a Tom Ford tux and a hand-tied bowtie, Ryan is showing us that the new generation can do black tie and do it well.

Now onto the Best Dressed Women:

5. Maggie Gyllenhaal in Dries van Noten
I was as suprised as everyone else to put Maggie on my best dressed list. She usually ends up being one of the worst on the red carpet, but it looks like she's finally got the hang of it. Her print dress and calla lily earrings still show off her unique style in a totally classy way.

4. Kate Winslet in YSL with Tiffany necklace
I love Kate. She always seems to dress so perfectly. She is wearing one of the other trends of the night (and this trend seems to be on a few of the best dressed women), metallics. Her corset top dress fits her like a glove and the gorgeous Tiffany necklace is the perfect accent.

3. Cameron Diaz in Oscar de la Renta
Cameron is another one that usually doesn't make this list, but she did something on Oscar night to change it all. She actually brushed her hair. What a difference! The gown is gorgeous and studded with so many crystals that all it needed was a simple hairstyle and some red lips. Cameron finally looks like a movie star.

2. Vera Formiga in Marchesa
I loved Vera in "Up in the Air." She was so beautiful and confident. And she just exudes that confidencen in this dress. The ruffles circling her are just breathtaking and the deep magenta is perfect on her.

1. Sandra Bullock in Marchesa
The woman of the night, ok one of the women of the night, got everything right. She looked breathtaking in the crystal and metallic gown. she wore her own jewelry and her simple hair was the perfect accent to compliment to go with her Oscar.

Onto the fun part, the Worst Dressed Men:

5. Jeremy Rennerin Emporio Armani
I read that this was a custom tux, but I'm not digging the tie or the weird facial hair. Plus, fix your tie on the carpet please.

4. Javier Bardem in Gucci
I know they have combs in Spain. So use one. You're way too old for the messy hair look.

3. Keanu Reeves
Whoa! I know you constantly want to escape the Bill & Ted, surfer, Neo persona, but that beard just makes you look grody.

2. Zac Efron in Calvin Klein
Talk about too much product. Here's proof that trying to make your hair look too disheveled can backfire.

1. Robert Downey, Jr. in Lanvin
The blue tie would have been permissble if it was actually in proportion, but it looks clownish. The sneakers, um no. But he's still hot.

Finally, the Worst Dressed Women:

5. Carey Mulligan in Prada
Besides the fact that the dress can't decide if it's short, long or has a train, I can see the stitching of the hem. If that's on purpose it's annoying. And the shoes? Way too clunky. The earrings? Way too big. And I'm not liking her pixie cut either.

4. Sarah Jessica Parker in Chanel Haute Couture
Oh SPJ, the fashionista's fave, why do you disappoint? This looks like a pale yellow potato sack with glitter at the top. No, just no.

3. Charlize Theron in Dior Haute Couture
Is Charlize auditioning to be Poison Ivy in the next Batman movie? Otherwise the flowers that are sprouting from her boobs are just ridiculous.

2. Diane Kruger in Chanel Haute Couture
Ruffles gone wrong! Diane Kruger has a great body but no one should ever put ruffles around their hips and butt. The three rows of black ruffles do not help either.

1. Nicole Richie in Reem Acra
A glittery moo-moo. A moo-moo, the thing you should never-ever wear outside the house, let alone ever own, should never be a choice to wear to the red carpet. Glitter or not.

So that's the red carpet. Come back tomorrow to read my reaction on the Oscar winners.

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