Sep 3, 2010

Sew-along: Lady Grey Coat

So I've been really on a great crafty kick lately due in part to Handmade Miami and all the craft blogs I read. One of my favorites is Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing. Gertie is awesome. She has a vintage/retro style (which is totally up my alley) and she's a great seamstress. The blog began as her quest to make all the items in Vogue's New Book for Better Sewing. But, she doesn't just concentrate on that. She makes awesome clothes and takes her readers along for the ride, guiding us through the whole process. Demystifying the making of clothes, if you will.

I've been so inspired seeing all of her work and such cute clothes, that I've been itching to make myself something. But I'm always a little hesitant about making clothes for myself. But, Gertie has made it so easy by starting a sew-along on her blog. So, I've decided to join Gertie's Sew-Along for the Lady Grey Coat from Collette Patterns. I've been eyeballing those adorable Collette Patterns for a while now and have been itching to buy one. So I just purchased my Lady Grey pattern and am hoping I can keep up.

And yes, some of you may be saying: what are you gonna do with a coat in Miami? I was thinking about that, but I figure it will work in a lighter weight fabric. Plus, I'm really hoping for at least a few cold-ish days this winter, and if there aren't any I'll wear it anyways!

So keep checking back on the blog to see the whole process of my crazy-ness in making this coat!


  1. Woo hoo! Glad you're joining us. You can definitely make this in a lighter fabric, like cotton twill or a raincoating fabric. (Do you get a lot of rain in Miami?) Anyway, you could make it more as a jacket rather than a coat.

  2. I was thinking a lighter twill would work. Definitely more of a jacket than a full on coat. I'm so excited to go fabric shopping for this! Thanks for starting the sew along Gertie!