Jan 20, 2011

Finally, The Lady Grey Finished!

So here it is... my Lady Grey Coat. The hemming was a bitch, I'm not gonna lie, but I like how it came out for the most part.

I have to remember next time to leave a bit more room in the shoulders to accomodate the underneath layers, but in Miami underneath layers are not an everyday thing, so it was an afterthought.

It's turned out to be more a jacket than a coat, but I figure I might get more use out of it that way. I think it may go into the closet pretty soon, cause I know it's gonna get hot in Miami soon, but I may be able to use it once more before then.

What do you think of the coat? Have you ever made a coat or jacket for yourself?

A HUGE note to self. Next time you're doing a sew along, don't do an advanced one!

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