Feb 11, 2011

Superhero Capes

So I know this little guy who's turning 4 this weekend. (He just happens to be the son of one of my best friends, Kristina.) And this little superhero wanted a super birthday party, where, of course, it would all be about superheroes, but most of all Ironman--cause Ironman is awesome.

To make this birthday really super, I made capes for all of his little guests. I found a great tutorial on Creative Kismet for superhero capes and adapted it. Making the capes was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I just pretty much eyeballed cutting them and then serged the edges. I also made the tabs out of fabric and serged those too. Then I just attached them with a straight stitch. I made the capes in red, yellow and blue, so everyone could choose their favorite color.

Once they were all made, I couldn't figure out what to do with the backs of the capes, initials, symbols, the possibilities were endless. But then I figured the kids could all decorate their own capes (plus it would keep them entertained for a while). I attached circles of white felt on the back and then put out my fabric markers, so the kids could decorate them however they wanted. This was a huge hit. As soon as the first kid made their cape , everyone ran over to make one. The kids got busy decorating and grabbing markers. There were kids ranging in age from 3 to 10 and all of them loved making their capes. Check out the birthday boy working on his.

I decided to opt for velcro neck closures instead of the ribbons for safety purposes. This way if they got caught on anthing the capes would release easy. (As we all know there can be serious danger in cape wearing--just ask Edna Mode. LOL)

Both the kids and the parents were wild about the capes. It was awesome to see all those capes running around in the backyard. And each one was so different. The kids really made them their own.
So what do you think of them. Aren't they cute? I loved seeing all the kids dressed as superheroes!


  1. What a great idea! I love that each kid got to decorate their own.