Feb 12, 2011

30 for 30: Day 12

Today was my nephew's 4th birthday! When we went out this morning to take him to get his 4 year pictures taken, and it wasn't just chilly, it was downright cold. Now my grey cardi is cute and all, but it's not very warm (it's no thicke than a t-shirt). So I was gonna buy a long sleeve t-shirt to wear under my red t-shirt, but remembered I had a warmer sweater waiting for me i my car. So, I had to break a rule to stay warm today, instead of shopping though, I opted for the grey sweater. It was at least the same color of the cardi. And body was really greatful for the warmth.

(P.S. It was a long day, and I didn't get around to taking a proper pic of my outfit, but here is the top... the bottom you can figure out.)

What I wore:
  • Red t-shirt--Old Navy
  • Grey cardi--Old Navy
  • Dark skinny jeans-Old Navy
  • Glitter flats--Payless
And I added:
  • Silver oval hoops--don't remember
  • Houndstooth scarf--Kmart
  • Warm grey sweater hoodie--JC Penney

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