Mar 29, 2011

My Beloved Bias Tape Maker

If you've checked out my store, you can see that one of the aprons that I make is completely contoured in bias tape. Now buying it at the store was getting expensive and not giving me the color selection I wanted, so about a year ago, I decided to get myself a bias tape maker. I'd been eyeing it a JoAnn's for a while, and it finally went off of sale, so I got it with my coupon for a great deal.

This little machine makes TONS of bias tape in no time, and let's me get to making the Retro D Apron a little faster. So this weekend, in anticipation of Odd Duck coming up, I was making some more Retro D Aprons. I had about 8 yards of bias cut and ready to go through the machine to get nice and ironed and made into neat bias tape. So I got everything ready. I was about to turn on my machine when I noticed I didn't have the power cord. So I looked... and looked. In my new craft room, in my old craft room, in my bedroom, in my grandma's sewing area in the garage. I even looked in my brother's audio studio room. But nothing. Somehow my power cord has mysteriously disappeared. :(

So I'm posting a missing person's report for my power cord. Thank you for all your service, but please come home soon, I miss you terribly. And if as my friends said, that little gnomes walked into my room and stole it, I plead to the gnomes of the crafting world. Please return my cord and I will reward you with ribbons and notions and fabric that you can keep.

I hope I find it soon....

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