Apr 11, 2011

Slacking off and an interview

I'm a slacker. This blogger has been slacking big time, but I do have a valid list of excuses.
  1. I like to include pics in my posts and just haven't gotten around to taking pics these days.
  2. I was getting ready for Odd Duck Bazaar this past weekend.
  3. Managing Handmade Miami stuff is taking a bit longer than I thought.
  4. Really, I'm just a slacker.
But now onto some fun stuff. In addition to being team captain for the Handmade Miami Etsy Team, I'm also a member of the Retro Handmade Etsy Team. They interviewed me last week for their blog. You can see my interview here at the Retro Handmade Team Blog!

And onto some great news, for only $7 at Radio Shack, I was able to replace the missing cable from my bias tape maker. So there were a few new Retro D Aprons to show off at Odd Duck this weekend.

I will have an Odd Duck post coming up tomorrow and I'll also be showing off some new goodies I have made for the shop. So check back soon, I vow to be a better blogger, I promise!

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