Apr 12, 2011

The Mini ManApron

For a while now, I've been wanting to make this for my shop. An apron for the little boys out there. I have one for the big guys, and now the little guys can have cool aprons to cook and play in too!

I made my first Mini ManApron for my nephew. He rocked his apron doing crafts and making cupcakes. I made a few adjustments, and now have a great little apron for everyone!

The Mini ManApron is just that, a mini size of my ManApron. It has the super long waist ties, so you can tie up front or in the back, and a kid-sized pocket, in case your little chef needs to keep some tools handy. Most aprons I'd seen were solid colors and so boring. So just like the rest of the designed by Diana aprons, I made them in cool prints. This first one has trees on it. But keep checking the store to see what other prints are coming soon.

Though it's called the Mini ManApron, this little butcher style apron would work well for girls too. And any size kid can wear this apron, since both the neck and waist ties give plenty of room for it to fit any kid.

I'm so happy to finally have aprons for the entire family! So what do you think of the new Mini ManApron?

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