Apr 24, 2011

A DIY Easter

Happy Easter everyone! It was a nice lazy day at home for me (finally!). But I was able to get a project done.

After helping with some yard work, I was able to make the top I had been planning to make forever. I bought the fabric months. I got inspired by a top I saw on ModCloth, which, of course, is now no longer available, so I can't show you my inspiration. I wanted a top that wasn't knit (since most of the tops I have now are). So I bought this pretty sheer fabric at JoAnn's. I also bought some pongee lining, which is pretty much the same weight. I made Simplicity 2892 view E. It was labeled 6 made easy, and it was for the most part.

This top is only a few pieces: front, back, front yoke, back yoke, and two pieces of lining for the front and back of the yoke. I cut it out and putting it together was going pretty smooth, until I had to gather the yoke. I stitched around the edge with my largest machine stitch and started gathering. It was a huge mess of gathers and I almost gave up on it. After showing my aunt and grandmother, they said it looked great, so I left the gathers in. The part that took me the longest was hand-stitching the yoke lining, but in the end it was worth it. This is a super cute and comfy tunic tank that I hope to wear to work soon.

In the middle of my top making, I stopped my work to make the macaroni and cheese I was making for dinner. I use this super simple recipe. I've tried a few baked mac & cheese's that use a bechamel sauce as they base and they never seem to be cheesey enough for me. But this one is perfect, cheesey and so simple. I add some crumbled crackers to the top after I uncover it to give it a crispy topping. I used saltines this time (cause it's what was in the pantry), but I've used Ritz crackers before and that is super yummy.

I hope you all had a great Easter and got to work on some crafty projects this weekend too. I'm so happy with my top, that I have to stary planning my next clothing project.

p.s. I'll post a pic of the top in another post ;)

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  1. That looks delicious! I eat gluten free but I bet I could make a pretty decent GF version. =]