Apr 18, 2011

Churchy Crafting

It's a week before Easter and when I got to my Mom's house this Sunday morning, she had her palms from church (since this Sunday was Palm Sunday).

I asked her if she was going to do anything with them, and she told me she would of course be making them into crosses before they got too dry. So I asked her to make them while I was there so I could take some pics.

These are made with a single palm frond. You just whip them around and do some palm origami and voila in no time you can have a cross or anything else you can make. Some people get more complicated or have to use two fronds to make a cross, but you can do it with one.

Now after 13 years of Catholic school, I've made my fair share of palm crosses. You always struggle to remember how to start at first, but then it all comes back to you, every Palm Sunday. Now it's a little known fact that this craft is always done better while in church. The palms are always freshest and most pliable when you first get them, so if you want to make anything from them the earlier the better.

Now I'm off to see if I can hijack my Mom's DVD of Jesus Christ Superstar, so I can watch it before Easter. Cause nothing says Easter like a rock opera. :)

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  1. Wow that's so neat! I have seen those before but never knew how to make them. I'll have to try it next year!