Jun 6, 2011

8 weeks to a better me: Week Six

Week 6! I don't even think I can believe it. I'm having so much fun doing this project from Sometimes Sweet.

This week's theme is "home sweet home," which I absolutely love. I absolutely love decorating. When I had my own place, I'd always spend time looking for things to make it truly reflect me. Now I live with my grandma, so I mainly let her style dictate, but I've been wanting to make my little corner of the house more me. So here's the perfect excuse to get started!

1. Tidy up/prettify my vanity area in the bathroom. I started to do this a few weeks back, but never really got it going.
2. Get my craft room more presentable looking. Another project that began a while ago. I really just want to have everything have a place and put some of my cute things out on display. It's not too messy, but I'm sure cleaning up a bit will help.
3. Find a frame for my "Keep Calm and Sew On" print. A friend of mine made it for me to go into my craft room, so now all I need is a frame and I can hang it up.

This week's goals seem fun. I'll definitely be posting pics of the craft room once it's all done.

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