Jul 23, 2011

You're the crafty one...

... so can you help me with this?

This is something I hear from people a lot. Luckily, I most of the time it's something I can totally do, so it's no problem to help.

This time the question was asked by one of my co-workers. She asked me to make a dress for a mini-dressform she had bought. She was gonna use it as a decoration for a quinces. Cute idea, I thought. So I told her this shouldn't be a problem, but when did she need it? She told me the next day! I was busy making the Handmade Miami aprons, but she was really wanted it, since the quinces was a spur of the moment thing, and she wanted to make it special for the birthday girl.

So I took home the dress form ans tried to formulate a plan. I decided to make it a cute strapless dress, that looked like something a teenager would wear to a party.  A couple of seams on the machine, and then a combination of hand stitching and hot glue made the dress come together. Then I added a brown stain ribbon to tie the colors of the party together (brown and pink) and give the dress a finished look.

This little dressform (which is actually a jewelery stand) is going to be used as a kind of guestbook. There will be little tags where you can write your wishes for the birthday girl and then hang them on the hooks at the bottom of the skirt. It's such a cute idea!

I was slightly amazed at how easy this idea and the actual execution was. I work well under pressure I guess. How do you like my first foray into tiny dressmaking?

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