Jul 20, 2011

Summer Cousins Pool Party

Last Saturday night was the cousins get-together I was hosting at my house. I'm so happy to say it was success, even though there were a few bumps along the way.

The day started out great, the sun was out and shining. I cleaned up the pool area and then came inside to chill a bit before the cousins started arriving. My brother, Richard, came over a bit early to help me set up the new canopy we had for the pool. We started to pull out the new pop up canopy and the rain began. At first it wasn't that bad, but then it really started coming down. We went back inside with the canopy only half up. When the rain subsided a bit, we went back outside to finish putting up the canopy. I didn't want it to get broken due to all the water accumulating in the half up canopy. So we were able to get it up, but the rain kept coming.

The cousins started arriving, and the rain kept coming down, so we gathered in the kitchen and talked while munching on the snacks everyone brought. A little while later, Angel, my other brother, let us know that the rain had stopped, so we moved the party outside. We all grabbed the snacks and everyone got their bathing suits on and we were able to enjoy the pool. And I even got to pull out the cute lanterns I had bought to decorate the canopy with.

It was so much fun and really the first time my generation of the cousins had a party just for us. I spent all day receiving calls from moms and grandmas asking if this party was really going on (somehow they doubted us... LOL), but it did and it was great. We totally need to do another cousins party soon!

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