Oct 31, 2011

Final costume: Come fly with me

I thought I was only doing two costumes this year, til Mom called. She called grandma first to make her a skirt and suit jacket. Then she called me to make a bag. I knew what she had in mind. Mom was gonna be a Pan Am stewardess.

Now I admit, if I would have had more time, this would have totally been up my alley! But I just didn't have time this year. But Mom brought over the bright blue fabric and we got to work. Grandma made the skirt and jacket (and her own pattern, of course), mom made the hat, and I was making the bag.

I made the bag with no pattern, kinda winging it along the way, but I love how it came out. I added a zipper and a gusset and everything. I'm even thinking of making a similar bag for myself.

The biggest obstacle was getting the logo on the bag. If there would have been more time, we would have screenprinted or stenciled the it on. But since this bag was made in a couple of hours, we got creative. I used a printout of the logo that Mom gave me. We put it in a ziploc bag and I pinned it in place. Then I zig-zagged around the edge of the logo and cut away the extra ziploc bag. I wasn't sure this was gonna work, but it did. And it was a great way to get the logo on there quick.

Mom got some little black pumps and white gloves to finish off her look. I think she looks great. I'm sure she was totally the most creative cosutme at the office today.

That's it for costume making for me this year. Happy Halloween to you all!


  1. OMG D, your mom's costume came out so good!! I love it- you did a great job on the bag too!

  2. thanks... her costume was a huge hit