Oct 30, 2011

Halloween costume 2: Red Riding Hood

So I was invited to a Halloween party this week, which meant I had to come up with a costume for me. Someone suggested I go to the store, but I couldn't imagine getting a store bought costume.

So since it was the week before Halloween, and I didn't want to go to the party store or the fabric store, I checked to see what I had at home. I had a ton of red fabric and found some gingham too, so I decided on Red Riding Hood.

I made myself a cute cape with a hood. It was pretty easy, especially since I had a costume pattern for a cape. That helped me get the general idea of how to make the cape, and then I modified it to work with the amount of fabric that I had. I also made a simple skirt in gingham to give me that "I'm walking throught the forest" feel. I added a red sash, cause I needed to break up the black a bit. (And I'm totally wearing a black tank top, cause it was rainy and HOT!... this is Miami after all) Not bad for a two hour costume. I added a pair of red heels, and I was ready to go!

The next day I had a crafty Halloween get-together, and my friends and I decided to go in costume. So, I switched out my red heels for my red glitter flats that I made at a Crafter-noon. I also took my potluck goodies in that basket I'm holding. I think it was the perfect touch.

I did get asked where my big bad wolf was a time or two, so next time I may need a sucker to dress up alongside me. I really loved this costume, it was cute and comfy!

I received a special request for another costume accessory for yet another costume, so you'll see that in tomorrow's post.


  1. I think you look great- the red lipstick looks beautiful on you! But then again, you gingers can always pull off red! ;)

  2. well finding that red lipstick was a mission, people think all redheads are waaay paler than me and more pinkish. but my friend got me this one for my bday and it totally works