Nov 30, 2011

Christmas-time is here

And now my house has its halls fulled decked!

I changed it up a bit this year and borrowed my mom's white Christmas tree. Yes I'm a fake tree person, with my allergies I can't imagine how I'd feel with that pine scent in my house for a month. I'd also like to say that whoever decided to make pre-lit trees is a genius. How I hate stringing the lights, but these pre-lit trees are so easy!

Here's my tree all done! I used all red balls and green ribbons. (BTW, my red riding hood cape is the tree skirt!) I think it came out pretty good. It was nice to change it up this year with the white tree. The tree has multicolored lights, so it looks pretty when it's all lit up.

My next decoration was the village. This village takes over the living room coffee table. We have 15 assorted houses. They are all different brands and slightly different scales, but we make them work. Grandma loves having the village out. She actually wants to get some more houses.

I also threw up some garland on the gate that separates the dining and living rooms. I added a few red bows to go with my red decorations on the tree. On the side table there is also a vase that I filled with all of the red poinsettias that we had. I think it's a great way to make a normal vase a little more christmas-y.

The Nativity that we have is too big to put under the tree, so we put it in the foyer. I hang up a pretty garland around the mirror and use the table for the nativity. I also string some lights in the garland and use the rest to give the Nativity some light. It looks so pretty when you walk into the house.

All that's left now is to put the Christmas tablecloth on the table and we're good to go all season. I love having the house all done up. I dread the time it takes, but always love it once it's done. Plus, between Mom, Grandma and I we have so many decorations that we can really change up the look.

Have you put up your Christmas/holiday decorations yet? Do you have a look you go for?

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