Dec 20, 2011

Knaus Berry Farm

This weekend my parents and I took a drive way down south to Homestead to go to Knaus Berry Farm. It's a farm and they have u-pick strawberries and tomatoes when the season allows. But they also have a farm stand store and the real draw here is the baked goods. They make all kinds of goodies and Mom wanted to get some cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast the next week.
the farm stand/store

We left pretty early to avoid the lines. The lines for cinnamon rolls on the weekends can be really killer there. We waited in line and Mom checked out the local produce they were selling on the other side of the store. It all looked so good.

Once you got closer to the inside of the store you got the smell of all of the baked goods. It's intoxicating. The real draw are the sticky cinnamon and pecan rolls, but they also have jams, local honey, pies and fresh breads. There is also have a little ice cream and milkshake stand too. But 8:30am is just too early to have a milkshake (at least for me it is).

We got to the front and behind the window were racks and racks of cinnamon rolls. It feels like they never ended. We got some to have that day, and Mom got some frozen ones for Christmas day. We also got some Mountaineer bread, which was delicious.

On our way back home, we stopped at Pop's mecca, Harbor Freight. Harbor Freight is to Pop as JoAnn's is to me & Mom. It's a ridiculous huge hardware store, more like a big Ace Hardware than a Home Depot type of place. But unfortunately, they didn't have small mechanic/work gloves that would be able to fit me. :(

After that the smell of warm cinnamon rolls was filling up the car, so we headed home to sample the goodies we bought. That breakfast was well worth the drive and the wait.

Are there any cool local farm stand type places you like to go to in your area?

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